Start Me Up

Everybody has a dream. Theirs is to make their nation shine through sports. [...]

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The Brighter Side of Bani's Life

During our interview with this charming, confident and determined young lady, Bani Rai, Miss Mongol 2013 1st Runner-up [...]

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Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal, the Nepali film industry sensation who's captured Nepali moviegoer's attentions for the last 20 years [...]

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Mustache Anyone? I Mustache You A Question...

The mustache craze seems to be hitting everyone these days. Modern day mustaches come in a variation of shapes and styles like the Charlie Chaplin

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My Thaili is not thin!

When there is Dashain, there is for sure, lot's of Dakshina too. So, how about keeping those money safe the Nepali way?

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Message Board!
Message Board
Next Traumarama!
“ Hey Neere. I am lucky to have a friend like you. I love you alot. ”

- Kabita

“ I am living outside the country and want to make new friends in country. So if you are interested to be in my Fcircle, then plz plz add me in facebook, my profile's link is below- ”

- Beowulf Sam

“ Living away from you guys has been really boring. Wherever i go, i miss our BBF gang. You guys were just wow! But now i see the gang is being dispersed slowly. It's not that i never expected that but never thought so soon.Still I miss you guys a lot. ”

- Prajina Bhattarai

“ I can't still believe your gone forever..... I will miss you Suskin Gaire :'( R.I.P Pls Return If Possible ”

- Simran Gurung

“ The word "next time" or "in another life" really doesn't exist. Whatever u wanna do? do it now. :) ”

- gurung/

“ hi this is abhimanyu kumar shah how are you guyzzz Mr. ”

- Abhimanyu kumar Shah

“ hlw. my frens iam glad u came in my life , u have teased me , beat me , mocked me, but i don't came me when the time come u were always there to help and support me.. thank u ”

- sushant pandit

“ frns in need is a frn indeed....these r d words discribes frnship.n iam happy to hav frns in my joy,happiness,sadness n hardtime.lov u all guys....cheers ”

- sujan timalsina

“ a friend is hard to find who gives u hand wen ur alone,in times of trouble!to be a friend u need no class,caste,status!u need to be trustworthy for friendship!u can buy people but a true fren is neve for sale.......happy frensip month hope u get one! ”

- ankur

“ hey everyone ...i like to say all b productive in every phase dnt b in rest pushing your mind only in have many tallents hidden besides dat so valu beside it youngstrs ”

- Zyaeena

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Go Glam

Tip of the day

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Skin-Care Tips

Touching your face with your fingers or leaning your face on objects that collect sebum and skin residue like your phone can spread the bacteria that cause pores to become inflamed and irritated. To keep bacteria at bay, always wash your hands before applying make-up or face lotions.

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Biker's Diary

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Ready for a ride!

In the tide of life don't waste your time to go on a ride.

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The Biker Next Door

"A four-wheeler moves the body, but a two-wheeler moves the soul."- Niraz Giri

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