Muffled Migrant Voices

Turning public spaces into theatres, and silent musings into conversations [...]

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The Brighter Side of Bani's Life

During our interview with this charming, confident and determined young lady, Bani Rai, Miss Mongol 2013 1st Runner-up [...]

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Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal, the Nepali film industry sensation who's captured Nepali moviegoer's attentions for the last 20 years [...]

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Mustache Anyone? I Mustache You A Question...

The mustache craze seems to be hitting everyone these days. Modern day mustaches come in a variation of shapes and styles like the Charlie Chaplin

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My Thaili is not thin!

When there is Dashain, there is for sure, lot's of Dakshina too. So, how about keeping those money safe the Nepali way?

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Message Board!
Message Board
Next Traumarama!
“ "Those wonderful days when we need no reason, no specific time and place to meet and were 24 hours available for friends and now here comes the day where me have to plan long for small get-together" :( ”

- Purbash

“ All relation we have are tie up with are birth, but only one relatation in world is made by us, found by us, choosen by us, built by us, without anybody's recmnd and suggest, so friend please take care of you rfriend for life time bcuz its your own. ”

- ramu manandhar

“ Enjoy everything in the world, except the emotions. ”

- rajuhere4u

“ If your heart is filled with rage, keep distance from friends and be closer to enemies. ”

- rajuhere4u

“ how are you ”

- Muhammad Junaid

“ Hola Peepz "I'm Good, by the way" ”

- Andy

“ my only friends are those with whom i spend day ”


“ Friends come and go but bond and memories are forever intact. ”

- Wrozie

“ “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” ”

- khushi

“ thank you for never judging and listening to me when I needed someone to spill me heart out.thank you for reminding me that I can always do better. I can never replace you. ”

- nikkipoo

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Go Glam

Tip of the day

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Fashion Tips

Beware of those "skinny" mirrors in stores. They are deceptive. If a style didn't look good on you in the past, it won't now, unless you've made some significant changes.

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Biker's Diary

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Ready for a ride!

In the tide of life don't waste your time to go on a ride.

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The Biker Next Door

"A four-wheeler moves the body, but a two-wheeler moves the soul."- Niraz Giri

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