• Working Out Tips | June 21, 2011

    You get an abs workout every time you train with weights. So, you do not need to over-train your abs for better results.

  • Facebook Tips | June 20, 2011

    If you want to schedule status updates on facebook create an account on sendible.com and

  • Fashion Tips | June 19, 2011

    If you have a short neck try open collar shirts and scoop necks as it lengthens a short neck.                

  • Dressing Up For The Summer | June 18, 2011

    The temperatures will be very high during the summer so avoid dark colors when selecting your clothes. Instead opt for the light bright colors as these are better able to adapt to the amount of sunlight.

  • Buying Fashion Accessory Tips | June 17, 2011

    Do not hesitate to try on a different look.

  • Note Taking Tips | June 16, 2011

    If the notes are about classification, you can make flow charts to see the classification easily.

  • Environment Saving Tips | June 15, 2011

    Start using the power of the SUN. Use the solar energy instead of electricity.

  • Skin-Care Tips | June 14, 2011

    DO NOT POP PIMPLES. I know it is tempting, but it can push infected material further into the skin, leading to more inflammation and redness, and even scarring.

  • Laptop Cleaning Tips | June 13, 2011

    • Always use a SOFT cotton cloth to clean your laptop screen, or those special electrostatic cloths used to clean eyeglasses. Use an old t-shirt but don’t ever use paper towels, toilet paper or rags as these may scratch your screen.

  • Hair-Care Tips | June 12, 2011

    • Do not shampoo your hair daily. Do it only when you hair gets dirty. Shampooing hair daily will make your hair dry and difficult to manage.

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