• Facebook Tips | May 21, 2011

    To tag status and comments on facebook just write ‘@’ and then type the first letter of the person you want to tag. You will see a list of friends whose name starts with that letter. Just scroll down and choose one.

  • Fashion Tips | May 20, 2011

    Beware of those "skinny" mirrors in stores. They are deceptive. If a style didn't look good on you in the past, it won't now, unless you've made some significant changes.

  • Buying Fashion Accessory Tips | May 19, 2011

    Take a best friend with you while shopping and make sure she has a say on everything you buy.

  • Note Taking Tips | May 18, 2011

    Note down the most important word of the sentence. Do not waste time writing the unnecessary ones.

  • Environment Saving Tips | May 17, 2011

    When you submit a printed assignment at school try not to waste paper while printing and don’t forget to print on both sides!

  • Skin-Care Tips | May 16, 2011

    Look for lotions or creams with any of the following ingredients: petrolatum, mineral oil, linoleic acid, ceramides, dimethicone or glycerin. They preserve the moisture and lock it in.

  • Laptop Cleaning Tips | May 15, 2011

    For a thorough cleaning, use a hair dryer and blow it into the keyboard, this will remove all the dust collected in the keyboard.

  • Household Tips | May 14, 2011

    If you’ve put too much salt in your cooked curry, cut up some potatoes and put it in the curry. The starch will absorb the extra salt.



  • Hair-Care Tips | May 13, 2011

    Too much pressure may lead to hair loss! Relax... Try some good relaxation methods such as soaking in a nice scented bath, listening to music, and eating healthy comfort foods such as strawberries and grapes.

  • Working Out Tips | May 12, 2011

    Peak physical fitness and looking your best can’t happen without regular exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet.

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