This month, the Teenz team brings to you 15 interesting young talents.



Headstrong and a complete romantic at heart, Aditya Malla, 24, is the VFX Producer at Incessant Rain Animation Studios. With screen credits as VFX Producer for the Sci-Fi Action Movie “Looper”, Malla is a youngster to be reckoned with.

Having joined his field of expertise in 2010, Malla seeks inspiration in everyday life and the inspiring stories of everyone he has ever come across. Malla dedicates himself to constantly pushing himself to the edge to see what he can achieve. “I wish to continue in my current field. It gives me immense satisfaction to turn somebody’s dream into reality and simultaneously have the whole world watching,” he adds.

When asked if he had to choose an alternative career, Malla says that he would love to be involved in marketing and advertising because it has always appealed to him. Malla has always been intrigued by the fact that marketing and advertising gimmicks play a major role in how we think and how it affects our everyday lives.

Malla, who is also a Radio Jockey at Hits FM 91.2, says that he will never cease to stop loving music and sharing it with people. Ever since he was 10 years old, Malla has been a cricket fanatic. Besides this, he hits the gym and doesn’t need a specified time to run, finding the oddest of hours for it. He says, “ I simply love how it completely re-energizes me.” Aditya constantly tries out new routines at the gym and challenges himself to go beyond at every step.

Malla says, “Youth is all about raw power. This is the only time you pretty much feel you can conquer the world and the best part is you can actually do so. Do not fear or hesitate, do what you desire. Youth is like a machine with unlimited supply of energy so go prove it. Explore, be creative, be yourself, do not limit yourself to just one thing, be innovative, never be scared to say what you think or feel, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, always stand  with head held high. Amidst all this never ever stop yourself from having fun. Anyone can be a change-maker in their respective field; it’s all up to you. All you need is the determination and the strength to do what you desire.



Ayush Joshi is somewhat of a modern day Batman, one who serves and helps the community without wanting or needing credit for it.The lack of a Bat-mobile may make him feel less like a superhero but through his medium, the radio, he has managed to touch and change lives of people all around Nepal like no other. His radio program,”Sathhi sanga mann ka kura” has become a friend to people in need, a shoulder to cry on and a truthful companion through all the snag. In his words, “We connect with 6.7 million listeners through the radio broadcast and in return we are showered with so much love, support and inspiration.” Joshi comes across as a man who has found peace with the world, but the more you get to know him you find that there he has a maturity and compassion that very few have by age 23.

Even though he has been bestowed with a NAMA award for the best radio drama, he still considers his greatest achievement to be the many letters that he receives from the country’s nooks and corners. Joshi states that his biggest inspiration of all has always been his mother. “She has always been supportive of me, and encouraged me to become anything I aspired to become.” He plans on hopefully becoming a published writer or a journalist in the near future so he can concentrate on the untold stories of the young children forced into the armed conflict that “has been censored by the government.” His ardor towards this cause is almost contagious.

When he isn’t doing what he does best, Joshi is busy travelling in and around Nepal, collecting books and busying himself with the magic of words. There was this one particular incident Joshi narrated that he claims to have changed his life.While at the school for the blind in Pokhara, he encountered a young boy who asked him if he was the Ayush from ‘sathhi sanga mann ka kura’.When he confirmed his identity the young boy told him that the radio program was the only reason he thinks he could ever excel in his life even though he is blind.  That experience left a huge impact in his life and even when asked if he would be the next change maker in his field, he replies with a modest smile, “I may have changed lives through the radio waves, but the truth is the positivity and strength displayed by the young people have changed me.”



There is a certain amount of moral fiber one requires to dream, but even more so to make someone else’s dreams come true. Heaven definitely has a place reserved in the name of Manjil Rana. This young man has abandoned his studies in the U.S., stripped himself off of all of societal wishes, and stepped into the world of providing education to the poor and underprivileged. His first project, Maya Universe Academy, Tanahu, where they follow the Maya Model- free education in return for 2 days of volunteering from the parents has become a tremendous success. People from nearby villages have begun sending their kids off to school and there is a positive change in the air around the villages. We asked him where the inspiration for his work came from, to which he replied” I believe in moving with the flow of the universe with a good heart and a smart head.”

Most people, no matter how smart and loyal to their country, sit around complaining about how the country is being run, none of us stand up and willingly become part of it, Rana believes that the revolution will finally begin the day the children in his school graduate. He has full faith in the children and the bright future ahead of them. When asked to describe himself, he says ‘I’m a dreamer’, and one that turns them into an enchanted reality.  

Apart from being the 24 year old man who brought about a revolutionary change in the pre existing idea that we are ‘too young’ for greatness, he is also just a regular boy who enjoys an occasional drink with friends, travelling and meeting new people. There is not a moment of silence with Rana, no matter how long you’ve been around him for. He could discuss anything from social work, economics, philosophy and when it comes to politics, he is a man of a hundred opinions.He claims he would have loved to be a politician if not a youth movement leader. His future ambitions include sustaining his project in a number of ways, such as launching products in the city to help out the parents of the children studying in his school and gathering likeminded youth from Kathmandu to come and volunteer in the villages. He further adds, “I think I can definitely become a change maker in my field, life is like a long poem with never ending words, and I think I already added a few verses.”



Capturing a perfectly sharp photograph that touches the soul of everyone bearing witness to it is no easy task, such is the talent of the young Minnat Joshi, 18. His photographs speak to us, telling us stories of the person or object captured in them. Inspired by his sister at the ripe age of 16, Minnat picked up a camera and found his true calling at the age of 16.

 Even at such a young age, his work has already been recognized by Republica and has also been considered worthy enough of a cash prize of 300 AUD in a photography competition. The legendary photographer of Nepal, Raj Bhai Suwal, who also happens to be his father’s best friend, is a source of great inspiration to him. He hopes that he can maybe one day have his work will inspire other young photographers.

Minnat seems like a man of many talents, he is also skilled in playing the guitar and is spellbound by jazz and blues in particular. Cycling and basketball happen to be his other interests but what people probably don’t know about Minnat is that he also happens to be a fairly good cook. The boy just never fails to impress. He is of the opinion that with positive thought and control, the youth of Nepal can make serious changes in the upcoming years, it is with that positivity that he has decided to join a photography school in Bangladesh called Pathshala. He adds, ”I also want to head my own company and be a CEO, those are the only two dreams I have”.  

A change maker in his profession he shall definitely be, he has already urged the students in his college to join the photography club and even though it isn’t an easy job, Joshi would be a man who would rise to the occasion and do what needs to be done. 



Zaika has become somewhat of a religion for Nepali youth. Everyone who is anyone goes there. Your motives may vary ranging from the delicious sandwiches to the general ambience of the place, but we can agree on one thing, there is no other place like it. The man who built it passed on his legacy to his son. This is the story of the trusting father and the determined son, who has taken the restaurant business to a whole new level. Pringal Rana isn’t a man who is afraid of getting his hands dirty, literally, he confesses to painting the walls of his restaurant to monitoring every tiny aspect of the place. “No work is too small for me, I like to be in control of everything”, he says.

“My father, Prakash Narsingh Rana, has been everything to me. The man I am today is because of everything he ever taught me”, Rana says. But it doesn’t just stop there, his plans of owning more restaurant chains and hotels and is something he is working on. He admits he wants to change the scene of the business wherever he may be. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that apart from his business, he also handles a good party but knows how to behave. Cycling and basketball are other hobbies of Rana’s which he is seen doing whenever he has free time.

His modest words and manners of a true gentleman induce his confidence in you, making you want to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I see his entrepreneurial skills have been polished quite a bit.  Rana believes that with time, experience and observation he may completely master the skill someday. Until then, he’s happy being a rookie, making mistakes and learning from the same.



Prizma Ghimire articulates her thoughts as an orator. This 18 year old is the winner of Today’s Youth Asia’s Nepal’s Top Seven Debators and wishes to become a diplomat someday by pursuing International Relations studies.

She finds a way to express herself not only by speaking in front of a large audience but also by writing. She considers writing to be her passion; she feels that her greatest inspiration is her journal which she started writing as a little girl. She writes for magazines and has been the editor of her college’s magazine, The Pioneer. She is currently studying BSW at St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar. She is interested in plays as well and has written, directed and acted in various plays during her school-days.

“I debate with all my heart when I feel like arguing and also convince people pleasantly,”says Prizma about this side of her personality. She is an optimist by nature and defines herself as a happy and adventurous extrovert.

Prizma chooses becoming a trekker, a climber, a cyclist or a photographer as alternative careers. Being a big-time travelling enthusiast, she would indulge in anything that would give her an opportunity to travel. “It really feels great to picture oneself in those travel boots and comfortable trousers and a professional camera. I bet it’d suit me too.”

She likes playing basketball and football and like any other teenager shouts, sings in a loud voice and loves being dramatic. She is the perfect example of a person who is energetic and charged with youth and who feels like they can bring change. “I try to lend advice and make the best out of everything that I have learnt so far.” She says that if your action can make a difference even to a single individual, you have already brought change.

Giving continuity to her dreams and to sharpen her skills, she spends time in writing, reading helpful materials and improving her speaking skills. “I always try to have an insight on myself and internalize all the feedbacks I get – it makes me strong.”


One of the youngest players in the country’s National cricket team, Rahul Vishwakarma is a very humble 20 year-old. A left-handed all-rounder bowler, Rahul started off as a fast bowler. His proudest moment was the final game against the U.S.A, the Division V final, where he took seven wickets and led Nepal to victory. Rahul is definitely a young man to look out for.
He started playing cricket at age 10 and has since  participated in a lot of national-level tournaments. Rahul wishes to pursue the same profession in the future. “If I won’t be playing cricket later in life, I’ll probably join my father’s hardware business,” he says.

Rahul is diplomatic enough to say that he adores each and every cricketer in the Nepali team, but then again, probably it wasn’t all diplomacy but honesty. In the international scene, he simply adores Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Adam Gilchrist. When questioned about why Sachin Tendulkar did not make it in the list, he said, “Sachin’s name doesn’t need to be taken, it’s a given. Sachin is God.”

Cricket is a religion in India. Born in Nepal, but brought up in India, it is only natural that cricket grew on him from a very early age. Currently doing his Bachelor’s at Horizon College, Rahul feels it is sometimes very demanding to be studying and playing cricket at the same time. Surprisingly Rahul is a married man. Upon being asked how he juggles marital life and cricket simultaneously, he says that life has become a lot more easier after marriage.

An avid A.R.Rahman and Kailash Kher fan, Rahul loves singing and listening to music. He loves spending time with his family when he has time from his hectic schedule and is into reading books, too, particularly those by Chetan Bhagat.

Rahul says that he doesn’t play to get rewards or gain recognition. “I’m always myself, and give my 100% effort.” On an ending note, Rahul seemed proud of stating that cricket is a rising sport in Nepal. “Earlier Nepal was just known for Mount Everest, but now we can see that cricket is also doing the same for us”. Like any sport cricket is bringing people together and bringing a semblance of normalcy, in between all the chaos that surrounds us, he says. He urges people to stand up and unite for the love of cricket.



Rahul Babu Shrestha is a food blogger and a budding chef. But that hardly defines him. A graduate of Rato Bangla School, Rahul had a brief stint in London for his undergrad studies in business and is now filling up the paperwork necessary to enroll for a course in Gordon Ramsy’s Tanta Marie School of Cookery in summer 2013.

He takes food seriously, that’s nothing new to people who know him. But for people who don’t, his sheer knowledge of the culinary art and its techniques will be overwhelming.
He says he’s been interested in cooking from the age of 10. Remembering his first cooking experience he says,” I made chicken curry for my parents. I don’t remember how it tasted or how it even looked like.” He was six then. Now he’s 19, and he knows more than just how to prepare a tasty meal.

Now, he spends around 3-4 hours every day in the kitchen experimenting with techniques, fusing flavors and ingredients and ultimately, putting it up on his blog.

Most of the dishes he puts up on his blog have an exotic touch. Partly because of his influences (Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsy, molecular gastronomist Heston Blumenthal, French cook Raymond Blanc among others) and the school of cooking (French classical cooking) he follows.

The plan is to ultimately open up a restaurant, in London and in Kathmandu, which will eventually earn him a Michelin star. With the focus he charts out his plan of the London eatery he wishes to open and the plan to how to actually reach there. Rahul’s dream is anything but far-fetched.



Sunny Tuladhar, is one of the most attractive men in town. A true musician, Sunny, 26, is the lead guitarist for Jindabaad. A man who doesn’t need any introduction, Sunny also teaches the guitar to The British School students. To add to that, he is one of the very few young luthiers in town.

Sunny picked up the guitar at a very young age, almost 13 years ago. He says playing the guitar felt so “cool”. Tuladhar has been making personalized guitars since 2008. In 2009, he formed Jindabaad, and as we all know, Jindabaad came to be much like a revolution. When asked to describe himself in a few words he said “lazy and boring” and “maybe funny”. Lazy and boring, definitely not. But  Sunny Tuladhar is a very funny man indeed. 10 years down the line, he sees himself as a luthier, a fine one at that and wishes to keep touring all over the world with his band.

Before he was involved with Jindabaad, Sunny was also the guitarist for Atomic Bush and Elysium. Although having performed remarkably with those bands many times, the highlight remains in the fact that in 2005 Atomic Bush won “Rock Heads” and Elysium were the winners in “Rubber Soul” in 2002.

I think being a luthier, it’s a given that Sunny loves analyzing furniture as well. He adds, “If I weren’t a musician and a luthier, I would have definitely taken up carpentry professionally.  I love doing what I do now, but honestly, I still think I’m learning, so there’s a long way for me to go. I don’t think it’s cliché to say that ‘Practice without doubt makes a man perfect’.”

Sunny urges youngsters to go ahead and do what they feel like doing, and to never give up and keep believing in their dreams. It’s also equally important to stay true to yourself and remain stubborn.On a concluding note, Sunny adds that he is a musician and luthier because he loves it and he believes it’s apparently the only craft he’s good at and doesn’t intend to bring any change. But we know better!



Rajan Maharjan is someone whose looks belie his age. At 26, Rajan Maharjan, who describes himself as a hard-working person, has accomplished a lot. An iOS game and application developer, Rajan who has always been interested in the computer-related and game development field, feels lucky to be working in his field of interest.

A visionary at heart, Maharjan has been working since 2009. “I started developing software for iOS devices and many other mobile phones as well such as BlackBerry,” he says. Following the footsteps of legendary Steve Jobs, 10 years from now, he sees himself as an owner of a mobile phone gaming and software company. He adds, “ My ultimate wish is to be an entrepreneur, create jobs for people which they would actually love, and also fall in love with the games I have created and will create in the future.”

Planning is perhaps his safest and smartest strategy. Maharjan loves doing what he does best, i.e., game and applications development for mobile devices and definitely wishes to continue doing this. Scooba Maze which he created for Bohoapps Company(USA), Mahjong Solitaire for Magmic Inc(Canada) and Ancient Mystery for Think-Grow(Ahmad Hazaji) are famous games among many already. iTuga the application he created for MB software is equally interesting as well.

A man of many talents, Rajan loves strumming on his guitar, playing the keyboards and the flute. To add to his plethora of talents, he enjoys playing basketball and football. Travelling is also high on his list of interests. As a youth of the country, he feels that the youth are the only ones who can bring any sort of development in the country and bring back a semblance of normalcy. Being involved with many groups himself, Maharjan feels that these groups will be prime factors in bringing about change.

We here at Teenz feel that if Nepal produces such young and brilliant talent, there is no doubt the  country will see a new dawn -- a dawn of hope and of change.



Yuki Poudyal is a social entrepreneur and a non-profit manager. She owns the Cuppas Coffee Shop and is involved with Sattya Media Collective giving form to various social initiatives and interactive campaigns. She graduated from the St. Lawrence University, NY with double majors in Sociology and Psychology. She is also a member of Amnesty International and OXFAM.
After returning to Nepal she opened a coffee shop Cuppas at Putalisadak which brews Nepali coffee promoting the local industry and provides a junction for people to share their ideas. Today Cuppas is a popular spot for meetings and of course enjoying their popular mochas and cappuccinos.

Her association with Sattya Media Collective helps her work with media activism. She is also involved with innovative projects and story ideas. She is a part of the “Hariyo Chowk” project and believes in leading her dream project to change the current street scene of Kathmandu using the street as canvas and making it artsy and resourceful.

Yuki believes that there is no particular path that might lead one to success and more importantly satisfaction. “I believe in an inter-disciplinary approach in life and also in profession. I do not want to be limited to one field. I’m a social entrepreneur, an activist, a writer, a manager and I am still exploring where life can take me,” she says. She considers that everything is inter-connected in its own way and does not promote the concept of “field”.

Poudyal describes herself to be ever-exploring, embracing each and every moment, a defeatist as she has never learned to quit, happy and gutsy in matter of taking risks. She feels that she is living her dream and is content with her endeavors. She wants to explore more for which she believes the coming days would be accommodating.

She has always been passionate about photography and video-making among the other areas of interest. But these days she is overtly inclined towards graphic design ing as an influence from her peers at Sattya. “I really hope to get better at it someday,” says Yuki.

She is planning to complete her graduate school in the coming days and work on a few more ventures which she has planned out. She says she always keeps an open mind and takes life as it comes.



She isn’t just another pretty face; she has the brains and attitude to go with it as well. Upcoming model Siwangi Pradhan is the new ‘It’ girl around town. Her experience in the world of modeling started when she was only 10 years old, when she was crowned as the 1st runner up at the Little Miss Lady pageant and ever since she has been seen in advertisements, magazines and strutting on ramps for various fashion shows.She also aspires to become a nurse and is working hard to keep both passions alive.

She has every intention of keeping up with the modeling and fashion world, but believes she is still in the learning phase and has to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed, which is something she has always groomed herself for. “My father has been the greatest inspiration for me. The undying faith he has in me is astonishing at times but makes me feel even more courageous”, she says with a smile on her face.

Of course like any other 19 year old, Pradhan has her fair share of friends who have supported her throughout her success and hanging out with them is one of her favorite things to do, of course besides, swimming and listening to music. Being a young girl herself, she relates to the idea of youth being a powerful asset to the development of any country and hopes that maybe one day she can be a part of this movement too.

Calling out to the young girls out there afraid to pursue modeling as their career she says, “Don’t be afraid, learn to take a chance and always trust your instincts.” I would listen to her if I were you.



Mani paved his way towards playing table-tennis at a very young age and carries his passion all the way long. Mani Lama, 16, is soft-spoken and a bit shy but when it comes to talking about table-tennis he seemed very excited describing his fervor.

He has been playing tennis for more than 10 years and also got selected for the 2010 Asian Games at Guangzhou, China but unfortunately could not participate in the same due to coordination issues in part of National Sports Council (NSC).

“I had an opportunity to participate in the Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou and very few have got such a chance” says Lama with a slight tone of regret.  He was not able to join the game as it was said to him that NSC does not have enough fund to send him to participate in the game. It was due to some internal problem due to which Mani could not participate.

He has been recieving training from his coach Purshottam Bajracharya at Adarsha Vidya Mandir (AVM) from the very beginning. He feels that his coach has always inspired him and helped him play better. He always pictures his coach as his idol and has followed him until today. Among the international players he is a huge fan of Chinese player, Ma Long.

Lama likes playing football and hangs out with his friends whenever he has time. He is also very keen to learn mountain-biking and goes for a ride in the tracks near Kathmandu. .  He has been receiving scholarship from the school as a motivation and the teachers help him through the lessons during free hours at school.  

He feels proud to represent Nepal and mentions the moment when he participated in the U-18 category of the SAF Games to be one of the most prized moment of his life. .  

Apart from SAF Games, Mani has participated in the South Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship at Shillong two months ago and World Junior Circuit in Dehradun, India around a year ago in which the team won a bronze medal in the U-15 category.

“Teenage is a time when you can have fun; you have freedom and do not have many responsibilities” voices Mani and says that you should have a good attitude; this is the time which decides our life ahead. Mani says “Teenagers should be cooperative and polite to everyone. And yes enjoy too.”



He is young but is confident about what he is doing. Sirish Gurung is bigger on his achievements than his age. He is 14 year old and is studying in the 10th standard at Kendriya Vidyalaya. He has broken the 28-year-old national level record and won 4 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medal in the 6th National Games.

Sirish is training for the selection competition for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016. He wants to win gold for Nepal in the Olympics as well as in the SAF games and trains daily for the reason. He says that he could do better if he trained for the entire year which is not possible because Nepal does not have a hot water swimming pool, critically important during the country’s winter. Sirish has varied interests such as painting, drawing and specially graffiti. He is good at playing football as well and loves riding and driving.

Sirish has a keen interest in music and plays many instruments. He recently performed with the legendary singer and musician, Phattehman Rajbhandari where he played the keyboard. Although he is busy with his training he manages studies more than well. He says, “I have never scored less than 90%.” His favorite subject is Science which he is planning to pursue at the intermediate level.

He says that we should learn to manage time and get the best out of whatever we do. Sirish is also an adorable son. He says that we should share our lives with our parents as they are our best friends and will always help us. This all-rounder boy should be emulated by every teenager!



Talking to Chang Agrawal, a 24-year-old lad, you can’t help but feel intimidated by his profound knowledge of business, media and, surprisingly, Graphology. Being the Director at Himalayan TV, a venture he went into along with his father, he says he has changed an astonishing amount. He further talks about his aspirations regarding his company and how he plans to introduce many changes into the world of media. An intelligent and mature man, he commands the respect of everybody around him just by being himself. His first real taste of the business world was through his work in his carpet factory. He climbed up the ladder and soon was capable enough of heading an entire company. “I admit it gets exhausting at times, but at the end of the day I love the work I do and I have no complains” he says.

Even with all he has achieved he still maintains a high level of humility which he claims he learnt from his parents. He further adds that they taught him to be modest and hardworking instead of being materialistic and greedy. A lot of his father is reflected in Agrawal, the person he is and maybe even the person he shall become, in fact that is the goal, he adds. His ambition is another trait that makes you want to respect him, he doesn’t rely on dreams but strives to make them happen. In 10 years, he hopes to become a business tycoon in Nepal and has a battle plan at hand already.

Listening to his travel stories almost makes you want to pack up and travel yourself, having travelled extensively and having seen all that life has to offer, he is no stranger to the curveballs that life may hand him. Just like he also believes that Nepalis youths have been playing the blame game, and until somebody doesn’t stand up and take ownership, there isn’t much that one can do. “Don’t complain and be a part of the problem, instead come up with a solution and involve everyone around you.” he says.