In the tide of life don’t waste your time to go on a ride.

Vroom! Vroom! I guess this is what excites us, when the journey is about to start and we are gearing up for it. The speed, the thrill bike riding fills our heart with–is truly a joyous experience. For most bike riding is feeling freedom. Whooshing through the wind and making ways for our wheels -the curvy road speaks to our turn and opens us to more new beginnings. Sitting behind Gabriyal Sunwar Iruka’s bullet, a typical motorcycle felt the same. My hair was blowing and I was yelling at the top of my voice to ask him questions. Yes, a unique way of interviewing. But we decided since, this was Biker’s diary let’s make it a day.

Gabriyal who learnt to ride bike when he was at grade 8 in his Uncle’s Yamaha YBH has met four accidents already. And yet, I felt safe riding pillion with him. I asked him even then,if I should be scared but seeing him ride easily my fear was put to rest. “I learnt riding on my own, nobody actually taught me – it felt as though I knew riding bike long before I rode my first bike” says Gabriyal from the front. The bullet was pacing faster and I asked how he met four accidents in a row. And he described “Well, I never fell when I was learning but in the road anything is possible.” He further adds “My accidents were faults on my own part but I can’t neglect the rough drivers in the road, can I?”

“Okay, my recent accident was because I was trying to be a hero –can we help ourselves when we are feeling high” he laughs. And “when you fall off your bike how do you feel?” And he answers coolly as though falling down is a part of his routine. “I don’t get scared but I do feel embarrassed –sometime, I feel like punching down the people who overtook me.” I can see his clutched hand in the accelerator still masked with bandage. He recalls one of his best memories of ridingin Dharan “the most beautiful memory, I think was the time when butterflies gushed over my face when I was riding” he adds “It’s funny how even wrappers flows in my face sometimes”.

Gabriyal loves to sing and strum his guitar, he once used to be a swimming instructor but unlike other bike lovers he also has a wish list to have a car. He assumes it better for family picnic however he sticks to bikes to enjoy road trips with his friends. “SometimeI feel soar after riding bike for hours – my back starts to ache but then the thrill you getcannot be compared with anything.” When asked if he knew any stunt, he races his bike a little and tells me “not so much, I used to but then I soon ran out of interest also I got hurt” he addresses it buoyantly.

Biker’s usually are possessive of their bikes but Gabriyal was more than happy to shovel his bike’s key to me. It’s rare to find such people – when we love something dearly we have a hard time sharing it. He believes bike isn’t for flaunting but for enjoying the ride. “I love riding my bike in solitude, it makes me happy – I feel like I am meditating” says Gabriyal. Furthermore he adds “but there is no fun in riding alone for long, we always need a company to stand this world.” He truly believes in “live to ride and ride to live.”