“A four-wheeler moves the body, but a two-wheeler moves the soul.”- Niraz Giri


Describe your love for riding.

I started riding bikes when I was 12.
The feeling of control, the cool wind through your body, the sense of freedom, a road full of opportunities and the can-do-anything attitude I get when I’m riding got me hooked like a drug. It isn’t just about getting from Point A to B but it is the journey that matters. I’m currently riding a Pulsar 200 NS. What I love about my NS is the tripe spark, the four valves, liquid cooling, underbelly exhaust, the digital console, battery power and the naked, monstrous look, all merged in midnight blue, worked for me.

So where have you taken the naked monstrosity on trips?

My friends and I went to Pokhara and roamed around every nook and corner. We travelled almost 1200 kilometer. I’m a regular visitor towards Khasa and Dolalghat. I’m planning to go to Muktinath and Jomsom soon.

Those must have been very special memories

Yes, amongst many. We didn’t leave any single alleyway. We found a lot of hidden unique and beautiful places. Once on a trip to Khasa, one of our bikes stopped working for no apparent reason, and there weren’t any workshops around for kilometers. We had our own toolbox and fixed the bikes ourselves. That sense of accomplishment was amazing!

Do you use GPS and mobile apps?

Yes, I use speedometer and mileage monitor apps. I just attach my phone on the bike and I’m set to go. The maps apps work for Nepal too which is incredibly cool.


Which bikes are on your wish list?
I love the 1198 Panigale and the 848 EVO. I got a lot of opportunity to ride superbikes through Riderz Nepal too.

How long have you been a member of Riderz Nepal and why?
For 4 years now. I write reviews, articles and take pictures for the website. I am also a global moderator for Riderz Nepal. We have an intensive forum for discussion and talks regarding bikes. We also provide mineral water, first aid kits and walkie talkies for free during trips. We highly emphasize on riding safely. Roads are an ally to success but also a friend to danger.


What precautions do you take while riding especially on trips?

I just use common sense. Common sense such as always wearing a helmet, using the side light, using insulated full gloves and boots for traction, CE approved jackets, and guards. Servicing your bike, and checking tires, fuel and other peripherals should be second nature.

Niraz Giri, 25, is a KNK graduate with a degree in management. He is the global moderator for Riderz Nepal, a web portal for bike lovers with a singular vision. He is also a motographer and reviews bikes. Riderz Nepal organizes huge get-togethers for free with a turn up of around 50-60 bikes. They are currently planning an ambitious bike trip from Mechi to Mahakali.