Hasty riders can often make life miserable


No matter how much one tries to stay in a nutshell, reality hits you and when it does, it hits you hard. Prevention isn’t always the source of your safety, sometimes luck just tends to go wrong after all.

Smriti Mishra, a psychology graduate from Tri-Chandra College speaks her share of fear and shock re-living her massive accident. Took place on her way to her brother’s hostel, she was calmly riding the road heading to Budhanilkantha when a bike out of nowhere stumbled upon her scooter. Reckless and inconsiderate, the biker had no decency to stop and help, instead it was a hit and run case. It was as if she had received a shock. The hit immediately threw her away against the car behind her. Her body had been stiff yet broken.

It had crashed sideways and she tells us in disgrace the left part of her body was completely in pain and pieces. The spontaneous moment lived after you are gushed down from the hit states complete unawareness of what you go through. Smriti was in the same car she had been crushed onto when she gained her consciousness. The people inside the car were kind enough to rush her to the hospital. The aftermath of the accident led Smriti to go through Maxillary Sinus and a lot periodic headaches and nausea. She was doing her development studies then, and had to leave college because of the non-uniformity in her attendance. The turning point of her life as she stated had her distressed for long.

The incident was an eye opener for her to be more careful on the roads, though the constant phobia of getting hit again will still remain. “The bad luck turned good after quite some time and I’ve had the chance to see life through a different perspective now; considering the bad times, life sure is a precious one,” Smriti adds. “Some people are reckless drivers, or do they choose to become one is what I can’t understand. Ride like you have one life, not thousands. The young blood that runs and rushes in your body is what you don’t want to waste.”

She has had her share of bad memories, but on the contrary she is aware of how spontaneous observance needs to exist. She states that traffic rules are not to be ignored anymore and helmets are not just a gear but a savior.

People need to ride at a safe distance, and must have the eye of an eagle. Subconscious awareness should always reside in an individual. Day dreaming while riding is a huge NO! NO! It will and has always led to major accidents. As for the speed, we know our limits and we ought to stay inside the closure. Because at times, the fault is not in your riding, but in your luck it resides.