Because some things are too awesome to fade away.

For this month’s issue of Biker’s Diary, we chose not to write about motorbikes. We decided to change tracks and play with something new and classy – Vespa. I really don’t feel the need to describe the Vespa but to enlighten yourself about this classic scooter that’salways been a bike culture, we talked to the right person.

“I have always had an interest in classic bikes. But they are quite lost,” exclaims Damian Turk, who has been living in Nepal for the last 15 years and also plans to spend his future days here. When he first came to Nepal, he had been told that Vespas were available but the location was unknown to him. But after residing in the capital for years he finally bought two Vespas from an online site, As simple as it might sound, dealing through an online site isn’t all trustworthy. Damian suggests everyone to be very careful as the engine and other parts might not be functioning well and later be of no use.

Damian’s background of being an engineer made it easier for him to work with the engines. He suggests other riders to often check the engine and never delay in repairing it because that is one good step to keep your bike running smoothly. “If I have a day off from work then I am full-on working on my bikes”, says Damian adding, “I make sure that every piece has been furnished and set up well.”When asked whether or not he would build a Vespa for somebody else, he replies, “Maybe, but it all depends upon my mood because I initially started building these for my own personal satisfaction and to work on my interests.

I don’t really plan to start my own business and sell bikes for others because the latter part would be pretty tiresome and hectic.” We all know that what was once in fashion is now current. And so a lot of people most precisely youngsters are searching for Vespas everywhere around the valley. He gave us a name of a workshop namely Yusuf LML Workshop where Vespas are built and sold. As far as he knows, the engines can be a bit costly because it needs to be repaired and sometimes it needs to be brought all the way from India but the denting and painting could cost one from Rs. 5000-20,000,depending on the design that you wish to be imprinted on your bike.

Lastly, his tips on proper maintenance of both scooters and motor-bikes would be: never over rave the engine, always check the mobil, never delay with servicing, always keep the engine lubricated and check the tire pressure. And like any other rider, he has his own mantra: Love your bike and your bike will love you back!