We listen to various artists and most of the time wish we could play or sing like them someday. Well, that might not be possible unless you learn how to and there is no other way than learning from a professional institute. Here are our favorite four music schools that will not just teach but give you a great platform to showcase your talents too. So, how about getting enrolled?


The Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory (KJC)
KJC screams “wow!” just because it flourishes that determination to foster a dream into reality. Started in 2007, KJC definitely has that potential to motivate their students to sky high limits and beyond. Contemporary and classical, whatever you desire is at your fingertips, whatever you want to learn resides within the school. From guitars, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bass, percussion, violin to voice improvising – you name it, they give it! A certified fully fledged college Diploma in Music? Cool! A place with choices nowhere to be found. KJC includes a music hall that can carry 200 people, a music library, a listening lab, five practice rooms, two large rooms for ensemble rehearsal and group classes, a separate room for drum kit and percussion instruments and a piano practice room. And yes, they also happen to have a state-of-the-art recording studio out of which they operate their record label Katjazz Records.


Nepal Music Centre

The most precise learning place of contemporary music and Nepali music; Nepal Music Centre has been standing tall since 2006. Collaboration between Music Nepal and Rikskonsertene (a Norwegian concert institute) has kept Nepal Music focusing on both western and eastern genres.

Rikskonsertene also helps with the technical criteria the school needs and acts as a vital role in school development activities that includes training and visits for talented students in foreign countries under exchange program. The courses offered here are vocal, flute, sarangi, tabala, madal and Newari drums, drums, guitar (neo-classical, jazz, blues, rock and bass), keyboard along with some instruments a notch above like saxophone, violin and concert flute. School workshops, ensembles and concerts are a frequent yes to this organization. The most outstanding feature of NMC is their scholarship scheme. A school providing lodging and payment of tuition fees for the other academics in other school are arranged for the deserving ones. What more does a dedicated and passionate student want? The culture NMC follows sweeps you away with its magic! Be sure to visit soon.


Blood and Thunder Music Academy

Established by Shyam K. Shahi in 1997, Blood and Thunder Music Academy created a revolution by taking the Western music scenario one notch up. Right now, brilliant musicians like Ravi Ratna Bajracharya and Amit Khadki are proudly representing the academy. Numerous underground bands consider Blood and Thunder as their second home as it is where they practice and hone their skills; Bequeath, Transylvania and Mad Zone in particular, are the miracles of the underground gigs at the present. The academy has staggering 2,000 enrolments and the family is growing vigorously.

Spacious practice rooms and a program hall as well as high tech instruments and great mentors are what make Blood and Thunder stand out from other academies. Guitar, violin, saxophone, clarinet, recorder and drums are some Western instruments that are taught in the academy, while Eastern instruments like tabala, madal, sarangi and flute are also emphasized on. Blood and Thunder hence caters to all aspiring musicians. Vocal classes and voice improvisation are also a part of their courses. Scholarship schemes provisioned in the form of an extra


Kalanidhi Indira Sangeet Mahavidyalaya

Embarking the classical genre of music, Kalanidhi Indira Sangeet Mahavidyalaya has established itself as the most prominent school of music prioritizing the genres classical and folk. Affiliated with Bhat Khande Sangeet M.V, Lucknow, India; Kalanidhi has excelled 50 years and more in the line. KISM provides junior diploma, senior diploma, graduation and master level education. Yearly evaluations, monthly musical program which is named as ‘Sangeet Shrinkhala’, weekly 3 days class are offered by them. Courses are based on the Prayag Sangeet Samiti Alhabad, India. Curriculum are offered from the first to sixth year, after which a bachelor`s degree is awarded in three musical general vocal for practical, and theoretical knowledge on the instruments like sitar, violin, tabala, israj, sarod, guitar and keyboard. For all classical fans out there, KISM is the place for you! The institution states to be purely dedicated to the development of music in Nepal, to impart classical music education and to produce competent music artists.


Craziee Creation
Bolted off with three fresh minds and one mutual soul, Pranesh Gurung, Ankit Lal Shrestha and Swapnil Man Joshi started the Craziee Creation somewhere around late 2010. An event management company also providing sound systems for hire purpose, promo video production, DJ’s for hire and DJ-ing courses has steadily started to shake off the grounds people stand in. The DJ-ing course they provide is basically divided into 3 sections. They are CDJ, Digital DJ-ing and Mashup Production. The classes take place at The Vintage Lounge, Woodland Complex, Durbarmarg, course instructors being DJ Pranez Tamu, DJ Sin and DJ Aayush. The crew making Craziee creation possible are directors Manish Shrestha and Aditya Magar along with the General Manager Aradhana Jarga Magar and Photographer Rahish Man Tuladhar to keep the city updated about the events taking place around K-town. The admission for third session is currently open for all of the interested peeps. At Craziee Creation, the students are given first-hand classes with different decks and controllers and are personally guided by the professionals. Guest mentors are always around on Friday classes for that oomph factor they inherit in the attendees.
Contact No: 9818545752