The latest rage on the ramps and fashion capitals across the world are these lovely leather hair bands that you too can make for yourself.


Step 1
Take three long strips of leather. Knot them together and braid them into a neat long plait.


Step 2
Loop together some feathers with a brass wire. Make sure the feathers are bound vertically to replicate a palm tree.  You can add a bead to this or with a glue gun some fake flowers too.


Step 3
Sew the feathers into the hair band using the brass wire as your threading material. Fasten with more brass wire. Make sure the feathers are standing upright when you are looping the wire around the leather strips.


Step 4
Secure the ends of the hair band with a small piece of wire so that the braid does not unravel at any point.     



To wear, wrap the braid around your forehead and knot it at the back. The feathers could be on the side or if for a bold fashion statement you could wear it in the middle of your forehead.