Every girl needs jewelry! There is no arguing about this fact. Learn to make your own with a simple and easy technique.

What you need:

a) One sheet of red and yellow A4 paper each ( You will get them at any stationery shop. Also you can use any other colors of your preference.)

String (should be sturdy)

One larger bead



Step 1

Make sure the string you use goes at least 3 times around your wrist. Measure and cut this length of string. Take two strings and make a loop, and tie a knot to make a hoop so that the large bead can go through. For the knot, place a finger around the loop and take the longer string through the hole. Pull and tighten.


Step 2
Tie around five- six more knots below the first knot using the same technique.



Step 3
After the first a few knots, place a bead into the string. Tie another knot to hold the bead in place. Alternate with the colored beads.



Step 4
After you are done with the length of the bracelet you want your bracelet to be, tie the same number of knots as the beginning of the bracelet.


Step 5
Take the string through the larger bead and tie a knot to hold the bead in place.



Step 6
To end it off, tie a knot around each string and cut off the excess wire.