Hmm, that’s a nice shirt he’s got! Want to make it yours in a better way? Then just ask for it! Or plead for it! If he doesn’t agree to it, well just steal it! And we shall proceed with this cool way to make a Her-Shirt.


Things you need

A large-sized printed shirt, a scale, a cloth marker or a chalk, a good pair of sharp scissors.


Step 1 - Wear the shirt to know the measurements of the marks you’ll need to make.

Step 2 - For a clear picture, draw a shirt onto a clear paper and mark as per the requirement.


  1. Measure 5 inches down the button line on either sides close to the stitch line.
  2. Mark a middle point in the collar line and create a slant line of 3 and half inches or so.
  3. Join the ending points of the 3 and half inches and the 5 inches line with a curve mark.
  4. Join the collar end points to the sleeve points as per your desire on how open you want the cut to be.

Step 3 - Mark the lines in the shirt as per the criteria



Step 4- Start cutting the marked lines with a steady hand.

If you desire you can simply cut the shirt to tie it into a knot for that extra style or if you’re too scared you’ll go overboard on the cuts, just loosen up the last 3 buttons and simply tie it into a knot. That should be just as fine.


You can hem the uneven lines to secure it further.
Wear it with high waist black pants for a semi-formal look teamed with black heels or just wear it with your favorite pair of shorts and sneakers for that sporty look. You’ll nail it both ways.
Happy Experimenting!