The mustache craze seems to be hitting everyone these days. Modern day mustaches come in a variation of shapes and styles like the Charlie Chaplin, Hitler and Chinese styles, to name a few. So I mustache you a question (and no, I won’t shave it for later) - what mustache style would you like to create today?

Things you need: A big plain porcelain mug or a vibrant plastic mug, a permanent marker with a sharp point, transparent spray paint (matte or glossy), and a pencil.

1. Make a clean outline on your white porcelain mug with a pencil. Make sure the placement of your mustache is just beside the right side of the mug handle.


2. Follow the lines with a steady hand using a permanent marker with a sleek fine tip. Your outline will look like this:


3. Fill the empty shapes with the permanent marker making persistent strokes of a kind. Make sure you maintain the movement of your hand or else you’ll lose the flow.


4. Let it air dry completely for a day or so. Spray the mug with a transparent spray paint from a mere distance of 5 to 6 inches. The spray paint you use can either be matte or glossy - your creation shall be protected with this coat.


Note: You can create any other designs as well if you don’t wish to mustache your mug up !