When there is Dashain, there is for sure, lot’s of Dakshina too. So, how about keeping those money safe the Nepali way? And, by reading my title, you might have already guessed how. Let’s start with the process then, shall we?


Things you need: Good looking fabric of two kind- one for inner and another for outer, sewing thread, thin rope, scissors and needles.




1. Cut the fabric. Size? As you wish. But better if it’s not ‘that’ big.



2. Fold in half and cut it in the shape of a madka.


3. When you unfold, it looks like as shown in the picture.


4. Sew the two clothes together. First the top and bottom sides. Then, fold it (the inner cloth should be outside so that when you turn it inside out, the sewing part won’t be seen) and sew the right and left sides.


5. Now comes the trickiest part- the making of Jhumka! I have tried my best to make it simpler by drawing in a paper.

Sew the thin rope in the way as shown in the picture. There should be four individual ropes altogether at the end. The two black lines are the ones you pull to open the Thaili. The red and grey lines are used to close it. Sew the black ones only at the two ends, but the rest need to be sewed around the mouth of the Thaili. The formers are shorter than the latter ones. Well, the picture explains more clearly than my words, so you might as well look at it more carefully.


Note: Use scissors to make small holes or your needle might not be effective enough to insert the rope.



6. Wohooo!! It is ready! And so are you (to stuff in all the upcoming Dakshina!)