Because gold and silver are too mainstream!

We are girls- any kind of ring touches the soft spot in our hearts. Whether it’s made from gold, platinum, diamond, stainless steel or any other, we die for them! This time how about owning a copper one? We know, it sounds weird, but oh well, give it a chance!


Things You need

Copper wire (half meter), cutting pliers and marker pen




Step 1 Bend the copper wire in the center around the marker twice. The left wire should be aligned on top.




Step 2 Twist the ends at the opposite side so that they interlock.




Step 3 Keep on twisting. Try not to overlap the wires. After it is finished, hide the ends under the twirls.


  Your rose ring is ready!





 Likewise, you can also make other designs as shown in the picture. Happy wiring!