A love that lasts a lifetime may be well worth the risk of a distance for love will always find a way.

Pitter patter rain drops on my windowsill. The curtains sway to the music of the wind as it sweeps through the room. I press my face to the glass to get a better view of the downpour and my eyes devour the sight that welcomes it. I have always been infatuated by the monsoon season and waited eagerly with anticipation as it approaches. And now that it’s finally here my inner goddess has perked up from her deep slumber.

I fix myself a large cup of coffee and make myself comfortable on the couch near the window with a blanket to keep me warm. This is the way I have always pictured in my mind, rain-coffee-blanket to spend my weekend.

Coffee and I share quite a story. It was like a breath of fresh air when it came into my life. He loved coffee; said he had to have a cup every day. And as much as it bewildered me, later I grew fond of his one indulgence. Fresh out of high school he came to Nepal with limited days to his expense and by the time we crossed each other’s path, he only had three months left before he made his way back home. It was not love at first sight but I knew it was something more special than that first sight could hold.

The first time we went out, it was for coffee; then the routine began for us. I woke up every morning in wait of the evening. And when those evenings were minutes away, my body shivered in nervousness and elation. He was unpredictable like the soaps, you never knew what he might just do and I adored that about him. He was like a streak of lightening in my life, bright enough to have me dazed but momentary to be gone just like that.

I especially reminiscence the way back from our coffee joint to home. He always held my hand oblivious to the butterflies that he brought. I liked how our fingers filled those gaps perfectly and how my height was short enough for him to rest his chin on my head. I relish the non-stop texting and the hushed meetings. Days had never passed so swiftly and were threatening to come to the end and yet we had so much to say, to do but time was our rival. We fought it, turned it a deaf ear. But always nibbling at the back of our mind, there it was, questioning our thoughts “for how long?”

And so the final day knocked at our door. We met at the place where it all started as the past months unfolded in front of our eyes. Emotions had reached their peak but we pushed them away whilst plastering a smile on our faces. The last time I saw him that day he had a coffee in his hand waving away to me and I had my cup of coffee waving back vigorously afraid to let it be the last.

A gush of wind awakens me from my thoughts. The coffee has gone cold and the rain has settled. I had dreamt my time away and so I get up to go heat the now-cold coffee with a bittersweet smile on my face and eternal love in my heart.