What they play
Thrash metal.

Playing as a band since
2006. Jamming for more than a decade.

Under Their Belt

An EP (Extended Play) of six songs called “Kuni K”, gigs at Pokhara, GA Hall, Mushroom, House of Music and Bhrikutimandap. More recently, played at the Silence Festival and the First National Tattoo Convention.

Their best yet
Their very first gig, played at Pulchowk.

It being self-organized and having featured only an opening band and a main band. Ease of sound control meant great output and made the whole gig most satisfying.

Prefer smaller crowds to “rock star crowds” because
There is no “jhamela”, as Sunil puts it. Prateek adds, “We can interact with smaller crowds better. In the end, it’s definitely more fun.”

Musicians in Nepal face the challenge of
Money. Financially, musicians- even mainstream ones- are not supported enough.

On growth of music
The kind of music we play is definitely gaining more fans, especially in urban areas, but as a whole the market is still quite small.  

Listens to
Any good music- not exclusively thrash, have tried even some sentimental songs. [Laughs] Except for Prateek, who nearly exclusively listens to metal.

Future plans
A studio album. Asap.