We all want to look great, no matter the occasion. But there are some common mistakes that we make which may lead to our whole look being spoiled. So, it’s all about using these simple, basic beauty tricks to pull off a perfect look.


FOUNDATION: When selecting a foundation, choose one that is the closest to your skin color and then apply it to your jaw line. Make sure the foundation color matches your skin tone by checking it in natural light. Remember that less is always more during the day.W Keep your day makeup minimal, especially in summer. You don’t want to be caked in foundation when you are out in the sun.

CONCEALER: The trick with using a concealer is that rubbing it is going to make it worse. If you want to pull off a flawless, natural look then pat it onto your face and especially on your zits. Then, set it with powder. Make sure to select a concealer that goes with your skin color.

EYES AND LIPS: Balance out your eye and lip makeup. If you are doing shimmery eyes, go for matte lips. If you are doing Smokey eyes, go for nude lips. Never play up both these features at once. Trust me, dark lips and dark eyes will turn into a disaster.


EYELINER: Lining the inside of your eyes will make them look smaller. If you have small eyes, opt for using a liquid liner on your top lids and do a smudged line on your bottom lids.

Mascara: When applying mascara, never pump the tube. This will make your mascara dry up quicker.


Eye shadow: If you’re changing shades of eye makeup, do not blow on the brush - it’s unhygienic. Instead, wipe if off gently on your palm.


Lipstick: When choosing red lipstick make sure it compliments your undertone. If you have a warm undertone, go for warmer reds; if you have a cool undertone, go for cooler shades of red.

SKIN: Be sure to re-apply your sunscreen at least every 2-3 hours. Never be too lazy to wash off your makeup before going to bed.


NAILS: If you are applying nail paint, don’t keep them when they’re half chipped away. It is not necessary that you have to get a manicure or a pedicure every week or so. Just be sure to keep your nails clean and well clipped.

PLAY UP YOUR BEST FEATURE: Be it your lips, eyes or cheekbones, there is always a way to highlight your best facial features. If you have perfect, full lips, pick bold lip colors or shades of gloss. If you have wide, bright eyes, focus on your eye makeup.


REMEMBER: BEAUTY DOES COME FROM WITHIN: Let’s face it; nobody is really satisfied with their look. But what is important is to learn to love ourselves the way we are. We are all beautiful in some way or the other. We just have to find it and embrace it.