There was a time when scientists worked hard to find a way to click color pictures. But today, we are again moving back in time and following the current trend of clicking pictures in greyscale and editing pictures to make them black and white. Black and white photography converses with people in a much serious tone and expresses a story in a more meaningful way. It also invites viewers to interpret their own meanings for the picture.
Black and white photography can be done very quickly by just putting the camera in black and white mode but most professionals prefer editing through Photoshop to get a better effect.

Things we need: Photoshop or photo editing software
To click black and white photography: The first trick to get a perfect black and white photograph is to look for contrast contents in the pictures we click. If the picture is able to differentiate the lighter and t he darker shades, the black and white effect becomes more effective.

Our main focus should always remain on shadows and highlights which could become the main aspect of our photographs.

We should always try and use lower ISO while capturing pictures for black and white photography because the grains created by high ISO becomes more obvious when the photograph is edited to fit greyscale.

We should also be very attentive towards our photo composition because we don’t use color to lead the eye around our shot. We should be able to track shapes, tones and textures to frame our photograph in an interesting way.

Clicking pictures that speak to us can make better emotional and wistful pictures. Therefore, we should seek to click what communicates with us to get the feel of melancholy and romance right. So, go on clicking now and get the feel of black and white right!



The light we capture has different colors but to be precise, it detects the RGB (Red Green Blue) colors which each have 256 strength of colors that can together make up to 16 million color combinations. The sensor in our camera detects the colors and forms thousands of pixels to make an image. Each pixel is actually the combined strength of the RGB colors which individually have 212, 028 and 056 scale of strength respectively. But, incase these three colors meet at 000 scale, the picture we click turns out black and if the three colors meet at 255 scale, the result of our click would form a pure white picture. So, when we set our camera to black and white mode, the camera throws away all the colors and records the pixel on the scale of 000 -256. And anything in between this scale is automatically identified as grey by the camera. Therefore, the pictures have a greater chance of being distorted.