Blue in Silence” comprising Anmol Mahora on drums , Sakriya Mahora on guitar, Suraj Malla on vocal and acoustic, Nirmal Gurung on bass and Arnesh Lama on keyboard is a promising rock band that recently won the AFK (Alliance Française in Kathmandu) music contest. Their performance included “Cross Fire” by Steve Vaughn and two of their original compositions, titled “Nasodha” and “Come in with the Rain”. Having won the hearts of many already, we decided to take a short interview of these talented young men who shared the secret behind their triumph with us.

Why the name “Blue in Silence”?
Like any other band, we wanted to come up with something unique. Although our genre is alternative rock, we wanted a very sublime, subtle name that would portray our deep interest in soft acoustic rock. And “Blue in Silence” seemed absolutely perfect.


When did you guys become aware of your music talents?
We’ve been playing together since the past 4 months and our music teacher, Mr. Rizu Tuladhar helped us form the band. It was him who inculcated the desire and yearning in us to create music. So, I guess we all realized we had some talent ever since we joined the Nepal Music School at Pinglasthan.


When AFK decided to organize a music contest on the occasion of Music Day, what was your initial reaction?
We were very thrilled. We wanted to participate right away. After having the forms downloaded and sending few songs of our own composition, we were hoping and expecting good news. After getting enlisted to perform in the contest, we were overwhelmed with joy.


Did you expect to win the contest? What do you think made you stand out and come out a winner?
We were positive about giving our best shot and had worked really hard for the contest. The other contestants were equally talented and we were definitely not sure about winning. But since we were trained by professionals, we were hopeful that our determination and skill would lead us to win the contest.


Who is your biggest inspiration?
Most definitely, our very own Mr. Rizu Tuladhar. He is the reason behind our victory. Our biggest inspiration, our only muse, he deserves mostcredit for making us the people we are today.


What are you currently working on?
After winning the contest, we were given a contract for recording 3 songs with Coleton Paskert, audio engineer and producer at Kat Jazz Studio, Chicago. So, basically we’ve been working on that and will hopefully come up with good music sometime soon.


How often do you get together and jam?
3 days in a week. We practice for about 2-3 hours. It actually depends on our mood. At times, we don’t even hesitate to play from dawn to dusk.


Who are your favorite artists?
Anmol Mahora – Dave Weckle and Dave Matthews Band have always been on my “people who influence me the most” list.

Suraj Malla – I don’t have any such favorite artist. I respect and admire all kinds of music.
Nirmal Gurung – I’m mainly into Funk. Also, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd have inspired me, mainly through their lyrics.

Sakriya Mahora – Like Suraj said, I have never had any such favorites as such. And don’t feel like particularizing myself to a specific genre. However, I am a very avid listener of Steve Vai and Matt Smith of Poison.


Did your parents support you? Was there any kind of opposition at all, from anyone?
Our parents have been very supportive. I guess it was our parents and tutors’ faith in us that made us feel so secure and confident. However, we used to be brutally criticized as well. No one was against us as such, but there were few people who didn’t think we would end up winning the contest. 


Where do you see the band in the future?
I absolutely believe that we will make more good music. Well, no one knows what the future holds. We all might separate and get on with our lives, but the passion for music in us will never die. For some reason, we all feel we will ultimately have music as our first priority.