Moments are what we live by and moments are what we are weaving all through life. But, still there never seems to be enough; and we keep yearning for more. Luckily for us, with the invention of the camera capturing moments has never been easier – one click and our moments are captured in time, to be cherished again and again. Photography for many simply means a snap but it is much more, it is also an art of saving memories – memories that can never be retrieved back.

Anybody can click a photograph. But, a person e wishing to touch the hearts of other people through their picture must understand that behind every click there is a composition, there is a technique and a trick one has to recognize. So, keeping this in mind, we will tell you on a monthly basis the different ways to click photographs to blend to a certain style. But remember, you don’t always have to follow the same composition and technique – you can go create your own style - for photography is also a realization – and a photographer with precision will know what best to frame and how.

Before we begin, it is important to mention that photography is a skill that requires a lot of patience: tricks and techniques don’t come easily to the novice and practice will indeed make perfect.

There are two main factors you need to keep in mind while clicking a photograph:
The amount of light entering the camera (Aperture)

The amount of light entering the camera during a particular time span (Shutter speed)
Let’s begin then,

To click a Portrait with Blurred Background
This effect is easier to get from a DSLR. It is actually a play of the aperture: “the smaller the aperture the bigger the f-stop and the bigger the aperture the smaller the f-stop For this effect, you just have to adjust your aperture to a wider opening so that it focuses more on the subject you are clicking and less on the background. To create a more blurred effect, increase the distance between the subject and the background whilst focusing more on the subject you are clicking. By doing so, you will position your subject against the distant background – and the result will be a blurred backdrop with your shutter click.


So, this is it for now –stay tuned, and we will be back with more photography styles and techniques.

Note: Blurred photography comes better with lenses having bigger apertures. Also, the picture quality will differ in accordance to the image sensor next to the pixels of the camera.