Parenting is the toughest task in the entire universe. Raising a child means bearing a lot of troubles. You do not get spared even if you are a celebrity. The same applies the other way round as well. Growing up in a family of VIPs means always being in the limelight, meeting bigwigs, presenting the perfect image, and the pressure – being born to a celebrity is not a child’s game! To find out what really happens in a family of celebs, Teenz talked to seven big guns in Nepal and their children and had a peek into their lives.

Daddy’s Little Girl
Anil Shah (CEO, Mega Bank) and Daughter Aarya Shah
Text: BonitaS. Basnyat

aarya is anil shah’s life. though ceo at his bank, it is his daughter who has ultimate say over him. which father wouldn’t do, according to his only daughter’s wishes? in this respect, he is no different.

Having no sisters of his own and witnessing the relationship between his wife and his Father-in-law, Anil Shah tells us he had always wished for a daughter. His daughter, Aarya, who is 10 years old, is studying in Grade 4 at Lincoln School. When we asked Anil Shah if he wanted his daughter to be a banker he replied to us saying “I want my daughter to be whatever she wants - an artist or an astronaut or any other profession. I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted with my life thus, I want to give her the same freedom.” Having moved to various countries in his teenage years because of his parents’ job, he says that he was never exceptional academically but always thought that the world was full of possibilities and limited responsibilities. Now that his daughter is almost a teenager, the gnawing terror of the probable distance that might come between them is what he fears the most. While moving to the other side of the conversation, Aarya told us that she wants to be a fashion designer and eventually become famous.

Doing  it  His  Own Way
Nisha Pokharel (Actress, Gurukul) and Son Nishansh Pokharel
Text: LizaPaudel

Acting runs in the family. maybe the husband-wife duo, the founders of gurukul, secretly wanted their son to take up acting and take the theatre’s future upon himself. and the unasked was fulfilled and now they can rest assured.

The close chemistry this mother-son duo share is evident the moment you spend some time with them. Unlike most teenage boys, Nishansh is easy around his mother. “She is like a friend. She remembers every small detail about my life which I might have forgotten about- like the names of my ex-girlfriends.” he confesses. An acting enthusiast from childhood, Nishansh wants to get into acting, “but I won’t be living my parent’s dreams. I want to take theatre to new heights but I would do it my own way,” he shares. Nishansh never felt any pressure to choose his career path and confesses that his mother is happy with his choice. “But I don’t want him to have any benefits due to his family background. He should have his own struggles and take his own journey. That will keep him grounded,” says Nisha. Whether Nishansh realizes it or not, it will be expected of him to reach the heights of success set by his parents.
Musically  Bound
Nirakar Yakthumba (Guitarist, 1974 AD) and Son Nirantar Yakthumba
Text: Prajesh sjb Rana

music laid the foundation for the father-son duo to come closer. they interact with each other over matters relating to music, now the bonding is more like friends.

Nirantar Yakthumba, says he has a wonderful relationship with his father Nirakar. Nirantar finds his father easy to communicate with and treasures the fact that he doesn’t have frequent squabbles with his father like he does with his mother. He says his father is very cheerful and admires the fact that his father makes time for his family even though he has a hectic work schedule. Nirantar feels no pressure because of his father’s fame because his father is liberal enough to let him do whatever he wants. Nirantar believes that, because of this, he will be able to shine on his own.

Nirakar believes that his relationship with his son is made stronger because of a common interest, music. Nirantar is a pianist and the father loves nothing more than to watch his son play. And it’s the same the other way around; Nirantar loves to watch his father on stage. “I love being a father because it’s like seeing yourself in your children,” Nirakar says, “it’s very hard to put it into words, but being a parent is a magical experience”

My Dad My Best Friend
Vijay Lama (Captain, NAC) and Daughter Aashna Lama
Text: Gaurav Thapa

send her to a good school, give her good education, and do my part as a good father. Ilet her do her own thing and support her choices in ways i can.

My dad is my best friend’ says Aashna Lama. The relationship between Captain Vijay Lama and his daughter Aashna Lama gives the father-daughter relationship a new dimension altogether. They say that they share everything, just as friends do. Vijay Lama lets his daughter grow in her own way but main­tains a certain degree of check and balance. He says, ‘I am lucky that my daughters are open to me. I let them do what they want with their lives and I trust them.’ Though Vijay Lama has set high standards, being a pi­lot, an actor, a singer and a talk show host, he doesn’t expect his daughter to live up to his expectation. Currently studying at The Brit­ish School in the ninth grade, Aashna wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up and has the complete support of her dad. Fourteen year old, Aashna has very similar characteristics as her father. Anger, boldness, stubbornness, down-to-earth nature – they share it all. Aashna jokes, ‘The only difference is that I am a girl and he’s a guy.’ Recently, she was approached for a foreign movie project and no one could be happier than her father.

‘Once when we were on a summer trip to Bangkok, dad took four extra days to take me visit places’ shares Aashna. Vijay’s piece of advice to the parents-Stop living your dreams through your children. Don’t induct your thoughts into their heads. With free­dom comes discipline.

Apple of My Daddy’s Eyes
Deepak Bajracharya, (Singer, Composer) and daughter, Cherisa
Text: Prasun Rai

Once she handed a note to her father, which made Deepak immediately quit smoking. “It’s really hard when a child of yours imparts knowledge when it should be the other way round,”

This little princess recently inaugurated her father’s seventh album Un-rush. Deepak Bajracharya and Amira Bajracharya named their little girl Cherisa ten years back. She studies at St. Mary’s School in the fifth standard. “My father is sometimes strict regarding my studies but most of the time he is a loving and caring dad,” she says. Deepak promptly adds, “I don’t remember giving her any punishment. I am always trying to be friendly so as to ease her up.”

While going through piano notes, one has to exercise the brainpower and IQ. Aware of this fact, Deepak has been giving piano lessons to his daughter. “It solely seeks one’s control over the brain power, “says Deepak. It is almost unbelievable that this young girl catches musical notes which only trained musicians are able to do. “I guess it is the blood connection between us,” shares Deepak about his feelings towards his daughter.

Almost every weekend they eat out. Two years back, he was on a musical tour for six months. “Meanwhile my daughter was sick and I missed her the most. When I returned back home, I was surprised to see that her height had increased,” he says recollecting the particular moment.

Cherisa has a habit of recounting her day’s activity to her father. She loves to watch Korean movies, leaving homework halfway and managing it to do before the school bus arrives. Cherisa is a great fan of Miley Cyrus.

Like Father Like Son
Bhuwan KC (Nepali Film Actor) and Son Anamol KC
Text: Bonita s. Basnyat

He may be the super-hero, the super star, the producer with a mIdas-touch, but when it comes to his son, all he wants is more than he could ever have.

Not only do they share their horoscope but they also share their clothes and shoes. The bond between Bhuwan KC and Anamol KC is one of a kind. Anamol has a guest appearance in his father’s production “Saathi ma Timro”. “The fact that he is becoming an actor is exciting and makes me nervous because I’ve been in his shoes,” says Bhuwan KC. Currently studying in Malpi International College, Anmol is an aspiring actor and has also walked the ramp plenty of times. “My father is serious about my acting career and there have been incidents when bunking shoots have created serious problems than bunking college” says Anmol. Bhuwan KC adds to this and says, “Acting is not only going in front of the camera and performing. It is also about knowing the nitty-gritty of filmmaking. A good actor always knows the work of a cameraman, director and even the spot boy.” After his A levels, Anmol has plans to go to Bombay to study acting .We all hope he makes his father and the Nepali film Industry very proud

An Awesome Pair
Ragini Upadhayay (Artist, Painter) and Daughter Shivata
Text: Gunjan Dixit

for ragini upadhaya, art is beyond canvas, beyond the colors on the palette, it extends to her perception of life, her relatioship with her teenage daughter.

They fight, they agree, they argue, they have fun. Ragini Upadhayay shares a unique relationship with her daughter Shivata. Although they do share a mother-daughter relationship, an undefined friendship exists between them.

Shivata claims she is closer with her dad. According to her, she tells him everything and Ragini agrees. Both of them have a lot of differences for instance, Ragini’s long hair is in contrast to her daughter’s stylish short style. Holidaying in Bangkok is, on the other hand, what both of them never get tired of and what each of them look forward to every year.

However, what is remarkable most about their relationship is that Shivata dislikes hiding anything from her mother. In fact, Shivani somehow managed to convince her mother to get a tattoo. This mother-daughter pair shares an exquisite bond - the bond of art.

As a result, art is a common denominator in this relationship. Shivata loves art and later wants to pursue media arts - a blend of both of her parents’ professions. When asked upon about the other similarities they shared, Ragini frankly states that her daughter has the same stubbornness that she does.

“In fact, it is Shivata who wins most of the time” Ragini laughs, indicating the tattoo on her hand.

While Shivata is well accustomed to her mother’s forgetful nature, Ragini has given up on buying clothes for her daughter. Despite all of their differences, the love that they share cannot go unnoticed, even to the eyes of an outsider.