The beverage world seems to have something new in store for all Kathmanduites. A perfect drink for summer – bubble tea might taste quite strange and new but it is lipsmacking nonetheless. It balances your taste profile and health benefits at the same time. What more do you need?

When Nawang Sherpa tasted the green apple bubble tea in Toronto 11 years ago, he knew then and there that one day he would love to introduce this flavorsome beverage to Nepal. Solely based on Nawang’s idea to introduce bubble tea to our country, he proudly says “I wanted Nepalis to experience something new, something exotic, something beyond the quite persistence of the regular beverages”. And true indeed! Available in 21 flavors, Bubble Tea seems to be making huge money even though its only been two weeks since it has been available. And its popularity has already soared to the extent limit. Around 150 drinks get sold per day. Nawang says, “I waited for two weeks to officially launch the drink because I wanted the workers to get familiar with the drink, the procedures, the ideas and mainly; the way to deal with customers.” Although it is very easy to make a bubble tea (takes approximately 20-30 seconds), he says he wanted to ensure efficient working.

The official launch took place on the 14th of July, Thursday at Civil Mall, 7th floor. The launch started from 8 AM in the morning. Crowded by Nawang’s relatives, mutual friends, reporters, teenagers – the place felt like it was dipped in perfume. The smell and the ambience – it already looked like a grand, huge success. Nawang preferred things to be low profile and didn’t want much hassle and humdrum of the typical “official launch” ceremony.

When asked why he chose Civil Mall as his venue for the launch of bubble tea, he happily exclaimed “This is one of the finest malls of Nepal and it’s got a wonderful food court downstairs. Plus, I think this is a hotspot for everyone, irrespective of their age-group. I couldn’t think of any better place than this”.

Bubble Tea is indeed quite an appetizing beverage. Everyone ought to go taste this exotic flavored drink. It’s got the same benefits as green tea. In fact, even more. It contains 60-70% less sugar and the tapioca starch (root vegetable from South America) has many benefits in comparison to other regular beverages that we’ve been drinking since the time immemorial. So guys, be sure not to miss this “one of a kind” drink. Hurry!