Fresco loved the backpack of unpredictability that his life brought about. He had recently turned 20 and had started realizing the need to stand on his own feet.

Call centers were spreading really fast in Nepal. Fresco had all the skills necessary to work there. SK Soft was a newly established company and was looking to hire young dynamic people. Candidates were being chosen from the groups that came each week.

Many interviewed for the job but only a few succeeded in making the cut. Fresco was one of them.

And then it was a magical day when Jennifer showed up. There was no doubt that she was going to be hired after the few minutes she spoke. Jennifer was not just another ”Jenny from the block”. She was something else. For an 18-year-old girl she seemed quite mature.

Fresco started to take notice of this special girl and started liking her. She was in his words, “everything he was looking for”. Fresco and Jennifer started hanging out together after and before the trainings at the call center. They would be together for hours with the almost endless supply and coffee and conversation.

Now for Fresco, she wasn’t the first girl he had been with but he was sure that he had never felt this way before. He felt like every moment with her was magical and everything was simply better when she was around. He would tell her “I never want to stop hanging out with you”. She would ask why and he would just reply with a “I don’t know”.

She was the breath of fresh air in his otherwise mundane life, the angel of his dreams. But then, life stepped up to play its role. It was about time, things came down in planes of reality and yes it was harsh.

Jennifer didn’t show up for training one day and her phone was switched off too. A couple of days passed with no traces of her. Jennifer had jotted down her mom’s number in the “in case of emergency” bracket in her information form with the call center company. And it was clearly an emergency, for Fresco at least and so he made the call.

She wasn’t home. Jennifer‘s mom was in paranoia herself. She invited Fresco over and told him, how it wasn’t the first time that Jennifer had pulled off an act like that- remaining unreachable and lost for days.

Then Jennifer’s mother told Fresco a story that left him in startles. Jennifer’s mom had a business rival named Tulika. And Tulika was clearly looking for ways to get back at her for her own selfish reasons. Tulika introduced Jennifer to a life of all the wrong pleasures and fun. She took her to parties, fancy restaurants and introduced her to men- and no, not the good kind.

Jennifer had disappeared before for a couple of weeks but her mom managed to find her in a restaurant with an older ex-army man; god knows what they were planning to do. Now she was gone again and it killed both her mom and now Fresco imagining all the possible scenarios Jennifer had probably gotten herself into. Breaking down in tears, Jennifer’s mom asked Fresco to help find her, which seemed impossible.

But he had a little hope in his heart of finding the girl who was so special to him. He did everything in his reach to get a daughter back to her mother, but without any luck. With each passing week, the hopes of ever getting Jennifer back became lesser and lesser.

Fresco stopped his frantic search of the girl of his dreams and got back to working at the call center to keep his job, which was the right thing to do. But how could he ever stop his heart from worrying about Jenny? That he couldn’t.

With a broken heart and vivid memories of Jenniffer, he continued to train for a job he had little interest in. The last day of training approached and now there was a good batch of legitimate Kathmandu youths, ready to take on to their headsets and talk to Americans persuading them to buy stuff they would hardly need. But, it was a time for celebration: finally all of the trainees would be working full-time and earning money.

They all visited the nearby popular café for some coffee and lots of gleeful conversations. Fresco looked at his favorite spot in the café where he used to spend hours with Jennifer. Jennifer who just vanished into thin air. He then looked at his coffee.
Drops of tears rolled down his eyes.