‘Firetongue’ clinched the second spot in the third season of the ‘Sprite Band Challenge’ music competition. Formed in 2006, the band entered the competition along with sixty or more bands and carved their way all the way to the finals. Here, Teenz gets candid with the band.

How did you come up with the name Firetongue?
We did not really plan on it. But we knew we wanted a name with some aggression. We later decided to keep the name ‘Firetongue’, which expresses our intention to set the stage on fire with our music.

What kind of music do you play?
We consider ourselves as a ‘Blues rock’ band - a fusion of rock, blues and funk. Blues has the melodies, rock has the energy and we fuse the two together when we play.

Which artiste do you think has the most influence on your band and why?
Jimi hendrix. He is a guitar legend and he plays the same kind of music as we aspire to. He set new limits in guitar playing which would probably never have been discovered if it weren’t for him.

What are your songs mostly about?
Most of our self-composed music is rock and they mainly relate to the political aspects of society. Some are about politics and some are voices against all the evils existent in our society like caste discrimination and creating a better national harmony. We have a song called ‘Awaz’ which is about all of the people coming together and taking our nation forward and not getting stuck with politics like the way it is now.

How do you think your music stands out?
The kind of music we play has many different styles incorporated into one. We take melodic blues, rock and funk and generate music that is different than the kind other bands play. The vibe that is produced is just unique and it gives you a new flow that is different in it’s own way.

How would you describe your experience in the ‘Sprite band challenge’?
It was a great learning experience for us. Our stage coordination, our music and many other things have improved greatly since we participated in the competition. The judges mentored us a lot. We gained a lot of exposure for our band. The competition provided us with a lot more than what we had expected.

What plans for the future do you hold as a band?
Now that the competition is over, we are planning to work on an album. We want the album to be good so we will be taking atleast a year’s time to get it ready. We also intend to play live music more often to gain more exposure and take our music to a wider audience.

What do you have to say about the music industry of Nepal?
Well, its evolving, we can say that. It is difficult to produce good music mainly because there are not many good listeners out there. But we think the music scene of Nepal holds much promise for the future.