Photography is a very interesting art. The pictures you click doesn’t always have to be about what you see from the viewfinder, it can be as much about what you want others to see through your concepts from the available props for your photograph. And just to do that, we have many techniques to pull on. But for this time let’s go with frame photography.

Frame photography is really easy. All you have to do while clicking is find a frame in your environment to get an angle from. You could use the windows you look from as your frame, or the door you walk to and fro from; you could make shapes from your hands or you could try and make frames from different objects and tell your story.

The things you will require would depend on where you are taking the photograph. If it’s from a darker room you will definitely need a tripod. And if your subject of focus is really far then you could use a telephoto lens.


You could add different effects to your photograph. You could blur down the frame and click only your subject or go the other way round. Frame photography is a creative story telling technique. This technique can give depth to your picture and give your simple photographs a terrific look.

For this photography, we have chosen the Patan Dhoka as a frame, focusing only on the subjects beyond the door. You could do the same. Try it for yourself and frame your photograph before you frame it!