Do you think your dearest one would have any problem if you have a close opposite sex friend? What would you do if you fall into the same sort of situation?
Projwal: Well, my girlfriend would not have any problems as long as I am honest with her. If I were in her shoes, I would have problems with her going out with a friend of the opposite sex. Friend she has are known to me. I wouldn’t mind my girlfriend hanging out with them because I don’t trust boys. We are the “hungry type” and often go out of our league.

Nishant: For now, I don’t have a girlfriend but if I did, she would probably be insecure about it. If it is a friend from the same friends circle, she wouldn’t be as insecure as if it were a stranger. If I were in her position, I would feel the same way.

Dawa: I think he would be insecure and probally that’s the reason why we girls hesitate when it comes to making “guy” friends. Personally, I wouldn’t like making friends that ruin my relationship. My boyfriend is my best friend!

Neha: If he is my friend from the past, my boyfriend wouldn’t have any problem but if he is someone new, he might try to investigate and try to get into the roots of the friendship. And for me, I would do the same and try to keep him all to myself because girls these days are fast forward!.

Rezme: I never go out with other boys so my boyfriend finds me trust worthy! But I wouldn’t like it if he is taking around some girls without telling me!

When friends of the opposite sex say, they just want to “be friends,” do they really mean it?
Neha: Yes! They do have bad intentions but, it doesn’t happen all the time but most of them do.

Rezme: I have too many friends but if a guy asks me more than that, I reject him and tell him to get out of my eyesight! Haha!

Dawa: Strangers too? Well, at first I would try to know about him and if he is good, why not? If he is mean, dark and evil, I will run away!

Nishant: At first I would be interested, plan some dates and get to know her. After getting to know her better, I would then decide where to take the level of friendship.

Projwal:  I would tell her straight on her face, “NO”. Why? Because every time a girl wants to befriend you, and after some time, she wants something more! By something more, I mean a relationship. I am not scared of being in a relationship but I am scared of hurting her. (giggles)

Does your circle of friends include both sexes?
Neha:  ‘Guy’ friends are better than the girls. Between us girls, we have a lot of bitching and gossiping, and we can be more expressive. But there are some boundaries as well, where we have to be more careful with them.

Rezmee: My friends circle includes boys as well. Being a reserved type of girl, I usually ignore the guys at first, but later on

as I get chance to know them, I find they are too good to be ignored!

Projwal: Do you mean girlfriends of friends who are girls? Haha! Well, obviously I do have friends who are girls in my group but I am not so close to them and I prefer staying away from them!

Nishant: Yes I do and I think it’s a plus point to have girls in your friends circle, because there are so many things that you can’t basically talk to a guy. For instance, regarding love issues and family issues, girls tend to understand me for better than guys.

Dawa:  I don’t have any guys in my friends circle and I don’t promote having them as well. I think a guy and a girl can never be friends.