Where did you grow up and go to school?
I grew up in Kathmandu and finished schooling at Malpi International School.


When did you first start YouTube-ing?
I started around the end of 2008 after going to the UK.


What did you think you were going to do with YouTube at the time?
Well to be honest I didn’t even know what it was at first. It was my relative who introduced it to me in order to claim the song “Ma dherai maya garchu” aka “Nattu’s song” since that song had been going viral for a few years and no one really knew the singer. My intention at first was just to show the world who the singer of that song was - me!

What inspired you to make more videos?

Well, I started browsing YouTube and I came across a lot of bloggers who were so entertaining and actually doing something with their talent. I was free so I thought why not do something productive rather than waste my time watching television.

How many videos have you had till date?
I think I have more than 50 videos so far. I am still working to make more soon.


Do you just do songs or have you tried other things as well?
I do mostly songs, covers and my own compositions but I also make some comedy videos. I like acting and also I think it gives the viewers a different perspective of me. They get to see my funny side.


What is the highest number of hits you have gotten?
I think “Ma dherai maya garchu” has gone up to more than 100,000 hits, then “Pahilo Maya” and “Fireflies” which have more than 60,000 hits.


Who is your favorite celeb on YouTube? Why?
If I had to pick one out of my list of uncountable favorites, I would choose Wong-fu production. These people have done everything, from making short funny videos to even professional music videos. They are my biggest inspiration.


Do you plan on taking your songs from YouTube to hardcover CDs?
Yes I have been planning that for quite some time but I have always been a live performer. I’ve become so comfortable with that platform that I find it difficult to sing in a boxed room with a mic and headphones.


How did you react when “Nattu Shah’s Ma dherai maya garchu” went viral on YouTube?
I composed that song when I was 15. It started getting viral through Bluetooth without me knowing about it. I went to the UK when I was 19 and that’s when I learned how famous that song was. I was shocked/happy/nervous. I wasn’t too sure how people were expecting the singer to be but when I posted a video on YouTube, I was happy to get positive feedback. I’m glad to have all these supporters without whom I wouldn’t have been here.

Do you edit your own videos?
Yes I do. I am really interested in editing videos. I basically like to be hands-on with everything, which can be a good or a bad thing.

Who works on the music?
I work on the music as well. See like I told you, hands on everything. Here, there, everywhere. Sometimes I have to slap my own hand and say “No Nattu, no” Haha!


Any last words:
I am getting closer to my dreams, all thanks to my supporters. I hope you keep the support coming in and I will surely try and fulfill your expectations in return.