Internships are doors that lead to a world of unlimited possibilities. True, setting out into working life for the first time can be a daunting task; you are new to the job, to your new colleagues and bosses and the pressing demands of deadlines. Yet when done right, internships can be a truly enriching experience that help you grow not just as professionally but also as a person. Here are some tips for those setting out into the rocky world of an intern for the very first time.

Don’t think of quitting: Your first day could be the most boring day ever because you are practically trying to understand "what’s going on". People will move past you without noticing your presence. You could stare at the laptop as much as you want to feel busy, but you will already be having second thoughts about the place. Don’t stress yourself, everybody feels like quitting when the purpose is missing. So, hang in there. It will get better.





Be a back up person: A supervisor could be looking for someone to assign a task but the favorite pick could be absent or busy In that scenario, do not hesitate. Take in the opportunity and make it yours. Make a good effort to finish it on time. This person will keep you in their good books.




Be you and your crazy self: Being disciplined is a given but that doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself. Stretch your hands, talk to people if you are bored. Decorate your desk, listen to music and blend in your style in the work you do. Following the rules may be necessary but be sure to leave your imprint.






Learn to say no: As interns you are sometimes overworked, and you might hesitate to say no. But if you have a lot on your plate already, you can always say ‘no’. There is nothing wrong with saying ‘no’.






Don’t kill yourself: It’s always good to ask

questions, so don’t shy away with your queries. If you don’t understand, ask and if you still don’t understand, ask again. It’s not a crime, you know. It’s better to sound stupid than to screw up big time. Learn to communicate your problems with your seniors.





Be a good listener: If you are a great listener, you will have a lot of admirers. People love when you say “I remember, you were talking about it yesterday.” You never know, they might make an extra effort to teach you something important.





Start getting busy for real: Slacking won’t work. If you want to make an impression, then you have to ask for work. Don’t wait around for somebody to assign you work.



Make friends: Don’t pack up as soon as the day gets over. Take your time, gossip with people. Exchange books and music. Complain about what bothers you, share snacks and chip in when their pockets are empty. You will be surprised when you start seeing you are no different than them. They will always stick around, to get you on your feet when you are having a bad day.




Don’t skip lunch: Why is lunch important when you are an intern? Think again. Food can give you a good reason to network with people. Lunch time evens out all the hierarchies, people come out of their shells and have a good laugh about daily tantrums in the office.