After the popularity of the famous song “ekanta cha thaun” Alis Rana, the 21 year-old-singer, now a composer, music director, graphic designer and an owner of a company,shares the secrets behind his

At what age did you step into the entertainment industry?
When our band came out with our first single “ekanta cha thaun.” All of the band members were just 15 and were in class seven.
What made you think that you would end up in this sector?
I had never intended to step into this sector but as a child I always loved singing and it was one of my hobbies. That was the main driving force that pulled me to this profession.

What turned you into a graphic designer, which is totally different from music?
Initially I enjoyed designing and editing pictures and always wanted to learn more. Gradually, I learnt graphic designing on my own I didn’t intend to be a graphic designer.

Which role do you enjoy playing the most? Director/composer/designer/singer?
As singing is my hobby I have to be a little biased with my profession and say that I enjoy being a singer the most.

Who do you give all the credit to for being such a successful person?
The only person I’d love to thank is my late mother, who was the one to push me into this. She always used to bug me by saying that “do something on our own..make sure that you are known later as someone who stood up on his feet!” and that was the initial inspiration for me. Her words still mean a lot to me and that’s why I want to achieve more so that I can fulfill her wishes.

How did you meet your band members? How old were you?  Whose idea was it to start the band?
My ex- band members and I were classmates in Paragon School and it all happened out of the blue. One day we were studying together and then it just clicked to me that we should come up with a band.  As a child, everyone dreams about it but my friends and I really wanted to do it. So that thought took a serious turn and we came up with the conclusion that we wanted to be known as the youngest Nepali band. So that’s how it happened.

Were you always encouraged by your family members for all the concerts and shows?
As a young band, we never got to perform outside due to our families and studies. Back then they used to emphasize on our studies and “SLC” more than our upcoming careers so we were never allowed to go out of town for concerts.

You’ve opened up a new company now. What does it do? 
My company is called “Superstar Entertainment” and is in a partnership with one of my friends Bidhan Pradhan. It’s been almost three months since we have been running this company together. Basically, we launch new artists and their music. I take care of all the creative work whereas, Bidhan does all the corporate errands. (laughs).

Under whose supervision did you / the band actually work?
I’ve been asked too many times about “Who is your band manager?” and I’ve always had the same answer that we never had any band manger and never will. We have done everything on our own from the age of 15 and now that we are mature enough I believe that we can take it on ourselves.