Playing with light is a fun part of having a camera. Photography isn’t just about clicking what we can view it’s also as much about making the view you want to click. There are a lot of things you can try with a camera. But this valentine’s, let’s catch that love in the air and try some bokeh effect. Bokeh is a blur photo technique achieved when the light is out of focus. This effect has an aesthetic appeal that gives even the most blurred picture a pleasant look. Usually to get this effect people use shallow focus technique.

Things you need: Different kinds of lenses (Prime lens, macro lens and Tele lens), and if you wish to click bokeh through artificial lights then you will also need a tripod. But, do not worry if you don’t have these lenses– you can still achieve this effect through different tricks.
Bokeh is the blurry portion of an image and so it is directly related to depth of field. Depth of field in an image is the amount of focus in a picture. Using low aperture value creates a shallow depth of field consequently blurring the photograph which is out of focus. This is where many make the mistake. This technique doesn’t always work. Also, people tend to choose blurry backgrounds without fixating a focal point that achieves a greater depth of field. The trick is to focus on an object in the front so that the background which is out of focus itself makes shapes out of the light it is available with. This is one way we can achieve the bokeh effect.

Another way of achieving bokeh is by choosing lenses that have more blades. These lenses burst out circular shapes while, apertures with more octagonal openings burst octagonal shapes into the sensor. Bokeh is also something we can create; the shapes we can make can vary. All you need to do is make special cut outs in different shapes in a black piece of paper –choose a love heart if you want and tape the paper on to the front lens (remember not with glue). With this shape placed on to the middle of the lens, you will reflect the shape of the cut out when you will click the shutter to a passing light.

So, guys get clicking now. You now know the secret to good bokeh photographs. We will be back with some other beautiful photography techniques next time. Just don’t forget to stay tuned!