FIFA’ 14 is a title that will simply sell on its own. But has the new installment broken any new boundaries, undertaken bolder risks, and tweaked way too much or too little? Let’s find out.

The Good

  • New features such as “Pure Shot”, “Precision Movement”, “Finesse Header”, “Protect The Ball” and “Contextual Pressure”, with older ones like “Tactical Defending”, “Player Impact Engine”, and “First Touch”
  • Improved ball physics and Team AI
  • Online friendlies, a selection of that week’s games and better skill games
  • Virtual cards feature random players, allowing you to build a custom and responsive squad, and trade duplicates
  • Clean, inviting and highly functional interface
  • Brand new “Global Scouting Network”
  • Easier to filter the market depending on what your team needs
  • You can now play co-op seasons with other pairs over multiplayer
  • The line-up of teams is as exhaustive, and the level of detail even down to the lowest divisions is impressive
  • Players can now play as the Montenegro, Polish and Welsh national football teams, alongside 21 Brazilian clubs
  • Smaller players no longer have similar physical mass as the giants of the game

The Bad

  • Not enough new exciting additions to justify a new release
  • The new “Locomotion System” simply means it now takes longer to change directions when running with the ball
  • “Precision Movement” clogs midfield and defense
  • “Protect The Ball” feature has some teething problems, and the CPU AI will get away with a lot of shirt pulling and obstruction
  • AI is still buggy and too smart for everyone’s good
  • Players are more prone to poor touches at crucial moments
  • Throw-ins are still poor
  • The absence of Champions League is still not addressed
  • The perfect team is possible but reaching into your wallet for each pack will sting
  • The new menu system can be a bit disorienting.
  • You can play Legends like Pele, Michael Owen, Ruud Gullit and Freddie Ljungberg, only in an Xbox
  • Xbox and PS3 users can experience several glitches
  • Only Next Gen consoles will have better graphics (Ignite Engine) and fully-rendered crowds who behave more realisticall

    Jubin Shakya
    I ordered the game for $39 and it’s still at the top of the league. The new ability to hold off challengers, and pivot on the ball, to make picking passes and angles to break down defenses, is unusually satisfying. Accomplishing long range goals are thrilling to say the least. I found myself putting a goal in newer styles which felt amazing. The best part is the thrill I feel when I get to compete online with players from other parts of the world. Commentary is much better. They even announce the player’s birthday during the games. I can see myself playing this game all year long.



Amranth Baniya
The game is an impressive package, but isn’t innovative. It has just added everything from previous versions into one. The graphics haven’t improved a lot, and I found the lack of details in the boots very bothersome since EA has stressed so much on realism. I found the players to be slightly slower and clumsier. Air-through balls are near to impossible to defend. First Touch and players sprint is a big annoyance, while tactical defending for amateur players is difficult to manuever. The game is much less responsive than previous versions, and you just can’t seem to get top rated player cards on gold packs which costs about Rs.150 per pack.