What do the teenagers of today really want to do? Do they really like going outside of their country and study or would they rather stay here and be satisfied with their old curriculum? Answering such questions are 8 students of United Academy College, Kumaripati.

The students were asked a set of questions, all revolving around the same subject

1.  Where do you see yourself in the future, studying in Nepal or outside the country?
2.  Have you ever felt pressurized by your family or your friends to go aborad?
3.  Why do you think teenagers like going abroad?
4. What do you think the Nepali Education system needs?

1. Deesha: I have planned to stay in Nepal and explore the banking sector. For me going abroad is not very appealing.

4. Deesha: Marks is what really matters in Nepal, the mentality of the students and teachers is not about knowledge but about grades. It is a “ khaye kha na khaye ghich”system.

1. Sonam: My sisters are also in the U.S, I want to study there to become a chartered accountant.






1. Sameer Bahadur Shah: I want to go outside as soon as I can. I want to go to the USA and study international relations there.

2. Sameer: It’s not only about pressure but it is also about the situation of our country and the type of education system we have. My relatives are out there and they have been calling me for about a year. I believe from what I’ve heard that the education system is better there and I want the best for me.

3. Sameer and Divya: Since we want to study something else than science and commerce, we feel that Nepal doesn’t offer the best options for Humantities.

1. Alfa Maiya Shakya: I don’t know about studying but I definitely want to go abroad to explore.

2. Alfa: Pressure is all about taking it and not taking it. Recently I have been pressurized but I haven’t taken any of it seriously.

3. Alfa: I believe the government has given us all the subjects, more than what we think it has offered, but the colleges haven’t been able to give us all of that. They just give us the ones that they think a lot of students will take.

1. Sunil Bajracharya(Currently studying in Grade 12 ): I want to study in Nepal. I am serious about studying here and becoming an engineer.

2. Sunil: I don’t really have any pressure. Everyone is till happy when I stay here and plan to study at Pulchowk campus. There is no pressure for me.

3. Sunil: Studying and learning is basically mugging up words. There is no creativity in Nepal and we also need a lot more practical classes.

1. Dipu ( Grade 12 student): I haven’t really decided where to go but if I get an opportunity to go aborad I will

2. Dipu: Right now, there hasn’t been any pressure but I would consider the option of studying outside myself.

3. Dipu: I think its because from what they’ve heard and what they’ve been exposed to. Almost everyone is going and the education system also seems to be better.

4. Dipu: It should give us options of choosing different fields, something different from just science and commerce, especially in +2.

1. Dorje tsering Gurung : This is my country and I would never wish to leave Nepal. I want to stay here and become a national linguist.

3. Dorje: because there is no proper system of education, so the teenagers leave but I’m not one of them.



1. Divya: I definitely want to go to the USA and study journalism there.

2. Divya: I want to go outside to study; my decision is not influenced by anyone else. I want to go to the USA especially because I don’t see a good college for journalism here.