Are you comfortable talking on the phone? Have you talked to that guy you’ve had a crush on since years? That girl you so desperately wanted to impress? And oh, what about one of your business counterparts you recently started working with? Many of us cower at the thought of addressing people over the phone. Especially, these days, where much is done through emails, text messages and IMs; phone conversations seem to be nearing extinction. However, there are times when you might have to call people. How do you present yourself? Phone conversations set you apart from people who prefer emails to communicate. Don’t fret. We’re here with some very easy tips for talking on the phone.


Stay calm and casual.
You can start the conversation with a “hi” or a “hello”. Don’t blurt out weird pick-up lines and clichéd phrases like “Hi gorgeous” or “hey baby”. Do you seriously think you can impress a girl by hitting cheesy lines the first time you talk to her? Big mistake!

Crack a few jokes. Make her laugh.
Girls have a thing for guys with a good sense of humor. It is very easy to come across as a witty and smart person if you can make her laugh within few minutes of your conversation. Not lame jokes. That would not be impressive at all. But at the same time, don’t try too hard. Don’t crack jokes every 5 minutes just because you want to make her laugh. If you do that, she’ll either think you’re a joker or you have some serious disorder.

Give compliments and make her feel good about herself.
Girls love to hear good things about themselves. Ask me. I do. But, guys who are a little too mushy never make it very far. You need to stop thinking that girls like sweet-talkers. It’s fun for a while, but girls get bored of pick-up lines like “Did you fall from heaven… hey I think I have seen you somewhere”. Be genuine.

Let her speak. Girls love to talk.
All girls have their own little story. Guys need to have patience. Don’t interrupt a girl when she’s talking. Make her feel at ease and listen to her. Listening is key.

Don’t stretch. Close the topic at the right time.
When you feel like it’s the right time to hang up, you should do so in a subtle way. Maybe make her laugh once again? Don’t abruptly hang up. Do let her know that you enjoyed the conversation. Politeness and honesty – that’s all a girl is looking for in guys.


Do not multitask
When you’re calling someone important or representing an office/firm, its better you concentrate on one particular thing. If you start to multitask, the distraction in your voice will be quite apparent. Also, keeping a notepad and jotting down notes is very essential. This way, a lot of time is saved and you won’t be wasting the other person’s time as well.

Be pleasant, slow and clear.
Be polite. Be patient. Patience is key. Do not sound arrogant at any cost. If you do so, not only you, the firm as a whole will be affected. Smiling while speaking will help. Be clear. You may have understood certain terms but if you speak in an incomprehensible way, you might just scare the other person off.

Extend phone etiquette to making calls. 
If you miss a call, return the missed call promptly. If someone left you a message, be sure to reply with a “thank you”. Further, if you’ve promised you’d call someone, calling them at the right time will show just how punctual you are. Plus, no one wants to be waiting by the phone.

Hang up in a friendly and grateful tone
Before hanging up, always convey your gratitude. “Thank you so much for your time” should suffice. Also, if any disturbance was caused, a small note of apology stating that you are extremely apologetic for the inconvenience will help build up a very good impression.


Avoid the word “like”.
A little bit of it is fine, but, if you blabber “like” all the time, it gives off a bad impression. Wait, not bad. The guy will probably think you’re a fan of the word “like” (which would be very absurd) or he’d think you’re too stupid. Imagine this: Hey, I’m like bored and like got like nothing to do cause’ like you see I finished my work like OMG! The guy will hang up on you in less than 5 minutes. Trust me. Do NOT overuse the word.

Bring up interesting things to talk about.
I am a victim of this. I get bored out of my skull when the person on the other line has absolutely nothing to say except “So” and “Ani”. It is very annoying, so if it helps at all, make a list of things you want to talk about. For starters, talk about your hobbies, similarities, dissimilarities, music, and movies. Don’t just sit waiting for the guy to bring up a topic! Be a little spontaneous!

Let the guy talk too!
Don’t talk about yourself throughout the conversation. If you don’t let the guy speak or voice his opinion, he will barely be able to contain his yawns.

Keep the conversation sweet and short.
Most people don’t enjoy extensive periods of telephone communiqué. So, keep it short but talk sense. Don’t laugh too much. Don’t act too cute, because guys know when you do. We tend to think men are dumb, they’re definitely not!

End the conversation on a funny yet interesting note.
You don’t want to hang up with a “So it was nice talking to you, bye”. That is boring and dull and you can’t be sure if the guy really did enjoy the conversation or not. Try cracking a joke or two. Its perfectly okay if it’s a lame one, your attempts at trying to be funny will be appreciated by the guy. And who knows? He might just find you cute!

Don’t hesitate to call him up again.
Don’t be too shy. Don’t be too stressed. It really doesn’t help if you don’t act straightforward. Guys can easily mistake your shy attitude with rudeness. So, call him. Ask him if he’s busy or not. And talk about interesting things, like what you did the entire week. Ask him what he’s doing at the moment. Most importantly, just go with the flow. If you do make a list of things you want to talk about, you might not always be able to stick by it. Go with the flow.

Stumbling and stammering is okay.
If you get nervous or run out of things to talk about, it’s okay to let the guys know that you’re nervous. Be honest. Be yourself. And, you can always hang up and catch up later for some more “fun-talk”.