Girls love girly things- colorful nail polish, extensions, Mills & Boons, dresses, shoes…there is no ending to our liking!

After my birth, the nurse took me, a 2kg baby wrapped up in white cloth to my grandmother saying, ‘Badhai cha, ghar ma Lakshmi aako cha’. She left without even looking at her first grandchild’s face let alone cuddle and coo her. She wanted a grandson who’d take care of our family, who’d marry a girl and bring heaps of daijo. You must be thinking that I am grumbling about my mean grandmother, but it doesn’t bother me that she wanted a boy. I know I am capable of doing everything a grandson would have done. Who cares what she thinks, it feels fantabulous to be a girl.

I love being a girl. I simply adore pretty dresses, laces, red roses, diamonds and puppies. I don’t feel any shame that I am mad about sky-high stilettos, short dresses, long gowns and chocolates and ice-cream. I get to wear make-up and get all pretty. I simply cannot live without gajal and my lip-gloss. If you are a guy and you are ugly or have flaws then that is your bad luck. We get to put on eye-liners, mascaras, eye shadows and so much more to compliment our looks or cover any defects, if any and always look stunning.

I get bored of a routine life but being a girl, I don’t have to get tired of something ever. Be it make-up, shoes, clothes or accessories, I always have a pool of options to choose from. I can grow my nails really long and paint them with fun, vibrant colors. I can grow my hair long and straighten it or curl it, cut it really short, color it, highlight it or leave it as it is. I can wear a dress today, trousers tomorrow and shorts the day after. Shoes are something that make me happy. Men’s shoes are very boring and all of them seem almost the same to me. I almost feel blessed that I am born a girl. Had I been born a guy, I wouldn’t have been able to wear the cute ballerina shoes, sexy stilettos, chic boots and airy, colorful sandals. Girls can wear men’s clothes and still be called sexy. Put on your boyfriend’s old tee or a shirt with a pair of jeans and you look ravishing and it is so comfortable as well. It doesn’t go the other way round. Imagine what a guy would look in his girl’s skirt or his wife’s sari.

Yes, my periods are unbearable. I get cramps and can do nothing but curl up and whine about it. However, I also have the talent to use these 5 days of the month to my advantage. I get excused for being an absolute bitch and eating whatever I feel like. I can do what no man in this entire world can do. I have the ability to grow a wonderful creature inside my tummy. No man can grow a baby inside him, no matter how hard he tries. I can scream and shed my tears without being called a weakling. I can cry in a theatre through a silly movie and won’t get made fun of, no man would cry in public watching a movie.

I am blatantly female and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Yes, my periods are unbearable. However, I also have the talent to use these 5 days of the month to my advantage.