Best man, check. Good looks, check. Guests, check. Priest, check. Ring, check.

He was again going to one of those ceremonies that come in everyone’s lives (well almost), where his friends had been to unite in holy matrimony, where he always took out the ring for his bud, where he’d always smile thinking “no thank you!”, where he’d have champagne and eye on the bridesmaid or any other hot girl and also where he’d have lots of wedding cake!

He stood in front of the mirror, took out yet another ring and held it between his fingers and looked up. He was smiling, smiling from the inside. He was ready to go, as always. But this time “he” was doing it. Of all the people, Ryan Craft was getting married. Ryan Craft was getting married to Tracy Wendell.

Ryan was like any other guy, he eyed on every girl who passed by and commitment was alien to him. He promised the moon and stars to the gullible ones one night and the next morning he would be having lunch with the corporate mamas. You couldn’t blame him either. He was what all women and even some men would want their guy to be like, handsome, a romantic, with the right attitude and a there-for-you friend. He was always the heart of a party be it for the young, adult or even the toothless!

He looked at his watch and smiled again. It was time.

As he took his keys he remembered Melissa, his best friend, saying, “You know, I took a survey of what words come to people’s mind when they hear your name, and I bumped into these: flirt, Casanova, wanna be Barney Stinson, jerk, yummy, liar, Stiffler at times, “. “I’m awesome!” he had replied laughing.  He laughed at the thought. A little while later he realised that there was one word no one ever used with his name but it was there and it was love.

He locked the door and went to the garage. As he took out his car from the driveway, he saw the mailbox with only his name written on it and smiled again. And so he took off, only to come back a happy, happy man.

The smile didn’t go. Rather, it seemed to be pulling with it all those moments he had spent with the love of his life. First meet, first date, first kiss and first romantic getaway.

He finally arrived. He was screaming with joy inside, like a kid who had gotten a much anticipated birthday gift but outside he appeared to be very calm. He stood for a moment and breathed a sense of euphoria he would achieve in a few minutes. He opened the church door and walked. The walk was momental. He looked at all his friends who were there on his big day as he once was at theirs. He could read their faces saying, “At last buddy!”, “Aww! Look who’s in love!”, “I told you, you schmuck!” He returned all of those with a warm smile that said, “Thank you guys!” He then looked ahead. He saw a figure faced backwards. The face turned towards him. He walked slowly to take in the moment, as if the whole world was watching him. As he did so, he saw all the moments, that were and that would be, flashback and as if reading each others thought, the two laughed.

Ryan Craft was walking down the aisle to be united with the love of his life, Tracy Wendell, his boss’ only son.

The first step to a gay life. Love is strange, life is stranger.