Is it really that exhilarating being a teen? Many of us are so used to these boring, monotonous routines of our life. I mean, nothing ever happens, right? Wait a minute - don’t jump to those conclusion just yet. Let’s take a step back and look at our lives in slow motion. There could be just a little more to it than we all actually let on…
All those preteen years of dying for the thirteenth birthday, the time when we thought being a teenager was “all that”, what did it all lead to? When I woke up on my thirteenth birthday I was disappointed that there was no *poof*, I was still myself; I didn’t let my childhood go instantly, and I definitely hadn’t grown perfect curves overnight. So what’s with the thrill? I guess as we gradually bid our childish desires farewell, we were looking forward to a life “full of life”. Speaking personally, I no longer felt that passion for toy cars, Pokémon cards or Barbie dolls. The things that used to attract us, now embarrass us. That Lego set with a gazillion lost pieces was replaced with an iPod, all those Spiderman or Cinderella clothes were replaced with Levis jeans and skimpy tank tops and the forgotten collection of soft toys was replaced with a smart new phone. Even the precious family bonding times were replaced with talking to or chatter about friends and members of the opposite sex.

Maybe we do think we’re “all that”. We are more than used to our own anger and frustration towards our parents when they try to define wrong from right and are impervious to their long lectures. What is it with them and moral preaching? What’s wrong with going on dates, bunking a few classes? We’re not harming anyone. What’s all the fuss about? I’m responsible! Leave me alone! Ofcourse I won’t neglect my studies. They should really start trusting me! It’s my life! Wait! Now try looking at the same from their point of view. We can only guess what’s going on in their minds. I guess we’re going through a phase where emotional surplus dominates our personality. Sometimes I feel a sense of pride as I defeat someone in an argument. Are we all really this snobbish and arrogant at times?

We all have the tendency to want to make extravagant friends. We’re all just as obsessed with who’s the best dressed, who gets the hotties, who’s kind of cute and who’s just a mess. But, the only thing that matters is climbing up that social ladder. I’m sure we’ve all experienced backstabbing and fighting for popularity, trying to be fake; someone who you’re not and could never be. My mom always used to say; just be yourself, because life is too short to be anyone else. And when I was little I thought, how can I be anyone else, I’m me and I’m not going to change. I guess now I know what she meant. Nevertheless, all that we want is to be wanted.

First crush, first date, first kiss, first boyfriend, first “I love you”, first break up… we remember all these over-rated things. However, do you remember your first day at school, your first teacher, your first Math class? At this point, all we care about is who’s burning up our dreams and who’s on the hate list. That elating rush of adrenaline as he walks towards you is almost impossible to miss. You can sense his shyness as he tries to ask you out; the way he complements your every aspect makes you feel like flying. You can’t wait to tell your friends about his dreamy eyes and his perfect, husky voice - they’ll be green with jealousy. Oh and how could you forget those roses sent to you on Valentine’s Day by a secret admirer, you’re just dying to know who. All these infatuations will surely be highlights we’d love to share with our friends. The way he treats you like a princess, making you feel like the only girl in the world; you create your own fairytale ending and keep your hopes up high until they come crashing down when he meets some other girl.

You take a deep breath and you walk down your school hallway, everything’s moving so fast. Take some time to memorize your childhood room, the times you danced around in your PJs getting ready for primary school, the rush of excitement when your dad got home from work. There’s a part of me that will stay there and never grow up.

They say teenage is the most formative, delicate and difficult stage of one’s life. What’s that supposed to mean anyways? Teen age only comes around once; make sure you spend it the right way; live it with arms wide open. So, my friends, here’s to the guys we stalk, the nasty girls we block, the gossip we spill, the looks that could kill, to having each others’ backs, spilling the tears and staying together through the years. What more could we ask for, after all, we’re only teenagers!