Kristina Allen is a fresh new artist on the rise. The 15-year old singer has just released her debut album ‘Nabadhana (Don’t Tie me up)’ which holds a promise of staying in people’s playlists for a very long time. She shares her stories and her journey through Nabahdhana with us.

When were you first introduced to music?
I first started with the cello when I was really young. I didn’t really enjoy it the way I expected to. So I moved to the guitar which agreed with me and I have been playing it ever since. I have always wanted to get on stage to perform and now that I am up there, I’m enjoying it to the fullest.

Which artists would you say has influenced you the most?
I guess it all began when I walked into my school and Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ was on. I really connected to her style of music so it would have to be her.

How would you classify your music?
I would say it is acoustic music with a style that borrows from Colbie Caillat and John Mayer. I really like Avril Lavigne and others too but theirs is the kind of music I really enjoy playing.

What is the story behind the title of your album ‘Nabandhana’?
My parents supported me through what I’ve done but I’ve seen that many parents do not really let their children pursue their dreams. ‘Nabandhana’ is basically a message to the parents telling them to let us teens be free and do what we truly want to do.

You have worked with Nhyoo Bajracharya, one of the big names in music in Nepal. How was that experience for you?
I would describe it as ‘awesome’. It has been great working with him and it really was an amazing experience.

If you were to pick a favorite out of your album, which one would it be and why?
I like all of them but if I had to pick one, it would be ‘Pani Paryo’. The tune is catchy and I really like it.

Who’s your favorite new Nepali artist?
Jindabaad. They’re pretty out there already but they’ve been with me from the start of my career in music and they are really good too. They are just such talented people.

Who is your main inspiration?
My dad for his support in letting me do whatever I want to do. I love my dad. He had a piano and a guitar which he only got to play sometimes but when he did, he would play amazing stuff. Whenever he played I would be like, “Wow! I wish I could play like that.”

What would be the one thing you cannot live without besides music?
I love football. Sports has been there before I was interested in music. I actually have a copy of my album signed by Steven Gerard.

What do you want to do before you die?
Play in Liverpool women’s football club. I am on my school football team and I’m actually trying to get into the national team of Nepal. That is something I really want to do.