Teenage love is called ‘Puppy love’ because first we are young, but first also is the fact that we cannot stop adoring the one we like, we plant unconditional love and care on the one we have our heart on. First crush, first love, first kiss, first heart break—all these firsts make a Teenage life. It is the age when we daydream, we make cute little hearts everywhere, we are trying to know ourselves and the other; this is the age when we love receiving heart-shaped balloons and cards and chocolates and lots of gifts. Cherish what we have now, love the feeling of ‘being in love’, or ‘being in an infatuation phase’. The feeling is transpired from the look of the guy from your class you secretly have a crush on, the simple holding of hands, the seemingly simple exchange of phone numbers, the unending calls and text messaging, in the ‘knowing’ that you have someone to think of and of someone who will be reciprocating the same.