Doing something new is always a challenge, but taking a hobby to a professional level is completely different. Some attain success and some don’t.


A professional stunt group for almost four years, Riders Unified has been the name and face of many events taking place in the country. With more than twenty five stunt-person in their group at present, they believe that stunting is not just for the thrill and fun, but more for the passion and dedication towards the sport. When I asked Dipesh Shrestha, President of Riders Unified about how long has this been a trend in Nepal, he smiled and replied, “I actually don’t know. We are not the pioneers. Before us there were many stunt junkies too. The only difference is we took it to a professional level and developed into what we consider a moto-sport in Nepal.”


Riders Unified is not just a name of a stunt group. They have been dominating many bikes and scooter related competition in Nepal and abroad. Bagging pole position in Moto Madness Stunt Mania and Yamaha Skill Ride Race shows how serious they are when it comes to bikes. Riders Unified doesn’t just limit themselves to men, it also encourage women to join and learn stunting provided they have the passion for it. First position in Honda Diva Scooty Cup I and winner and first runners-up trophy in Racemandu Scooty Race shows their passion towards empowering women into moto-sport too.


Currently Riders Unified is trying to change the fixed mindset of the people who think that stunting is dangerous and is of no use. They have been successful in introducing stunting as a moto-sport in Nepal and Nepal Sports Council has also granted certificates to people who have a passion for the sport. Similarly, the importance of safety measures like proper safety gears while stunting and “don’t try if you can’t” messages have been advertised by them in every event they attend.


“Bike stunting can be more than a hobby or a game to show off your talents. People can turn it into a profession if they so desire. Riders Unified is an open stunt group and anyone can join us. All you need to have is passion and complete dedication towards stunting.” – says Dipesh Shrestha, President, Riders Unified.


If you want to join Riders Unified, you are free to join. Just contact Riders Unified and after the completion of your training, a license based on your passion, dedication and performance will be issued by the Nepal Sports Council declaring that the person is a licensed bike stunt-person and is purely legal for him to stunt but at specific events only.