The Dead Mariners are

‘Whispering of the leaves creases the tomb lord
Slow pain inside my black heart
Roaring tragedy inside the coral eyes
Necromantic ritual abusing inside’

These are the lines of the title track ‘Night of fallen morbid’ by the Symphonic Heavy Metal band: Dead Mariners. The song is the sixth track of their debut album and when I listened to it, the song brought goosebumps of excitement in my nerves!

As with the philosophy associated with heavy metal music, the lyrics and the music is supposed to represent a darker side of reality where the wind of truth roars like a hurricane. Similarly, the songs from the album ‘Night of fallen Morbid’ gives emphasis to the outcry against the brutal truths that surrounds our daily lives.

The opening song of the album well defines the band’s intuitions towards their style of music. The song ‘Vengeance with my love’ begins with soft keyboards intro and abruptly sparks a fire of hatred of a dead lover who has been betrayed. The vocals give a roaring impression of the conventional death/black metal style both in the high and low octaves.
For every thought and action, there is a cause. Keeping that in mind, the band incorporates a wide range of lyrics that rings true in a logical sense. For example, the song called ‘Fear in a Child’s mind’ acts as a monologue of a child who has, like most of us, witnessed various deeds of horror, with their traumatic imprints in the memory cells of our brain. The song has a soothing keyboard solo break in the middle, and the song gradually rises with a modulation of riff patterns that makes a path for the raging guitar solo. At this point, the drumbeats have a rapid tempo along with the bassist’s throbbing notes with the double bass kicks.

The album cover depicts a scary image of a lifeless ship with an artistic image of a devil descending from the sky in the form of a cloud. When you flip the album cover, you will see the band’s personal message on the right corner of the page. When I went through the lines, I was quite touched when I found out that the song ‘Antim Yachana” (written in Nepali script) was dedicated to ‘Amir Chitrakar’, a close friend of the band members as the lyrics was written almost five years ago and unfortunately, rang true to the cause of their friend’s loss.

‘Ishwori’ is a unique song in the album, which features Prabin Shrestha and Samrat Shrestha on Khen, a traditional Newari instrument. The song is also written in Newari script (i. e. Nepal Bhasa) and is a traditional Newari script performed as an offering to the gods. The hybrid form of this traditional music oriented symphonic heavy metal song is indeed one of a kind!

The songs ‘Layman’ and ‘Eternity of Black Twilight’ really grasped my attention and have become one my favorites. The lyrical aspect of the song ‘Layman’ is quite powerful if you go through it. As for the album’s second song (i.e. Eternity of Black Twilight), the velocity of the music can only be felt if you spare yourself some time to listen to it!

Formed in 2004 AD and influenced by Dimmu Borgir, Dark Tranquility, Dream Theatre and Lamb of God, the band has performed their originals and covers of these famous bands in various venues and events in Nepal. The band came out in 1st and 2nd position in the 2nd and 3rd KCM College inter college music competition respectively. Similarly, Dead Mariners won the 1st position in the Rockers’ Zone Inter Music Competition’ that was organized by Bluebird Mall. The band recently did a solo concert at the Bhrikutimandap hall as a pre-release event. After releasing their album in Pokhara, the band toured in Butwal as well and finally concluded their promotional gig in Kathmandu. ‘Rock Fever’, the band’s official record label, organized the tour.