The future of Nepal literally rests on your shoulders, what does that mean to you? How big of a responsibility is it?
It is a big responsibility because the future of the nation is built in the classrooms of each school.

How hectic is your job? Your daily routine?Every job is a hectic job, not only mine. I get up at 4:00 A. M. Every morning I meditate for 45 minutes and then I go for the Eucharist (it is our Puja). Our +2 classes begin at 6:55 A.M. so I am at the school at 6:45 A. M. Other classes begin at 8:30 A.M. and end at 4:30 P. M. This is my daily routine.

How often do you meet with your students? When you see them, what
do you think/are reminded of? During short breaks and lunch break I do not remain in my office. I move around and talk to the students. My office is always open for the students and I meet them any time. If and when there are parents, teachers and staff waiting to meet me, I meet the students first.

Where do you think Nepali schools stand compared to the international institutions?
I feel our schools are as par with the international schools.

Do you think schools in Nepal are shaping children to be intelligent citizens that the future needs, and perhaps deserves? Of course, we have thousands of human resources produced in the schools of Nepal and they have been innovative and pioneer in many fields.

On being a student of an earlier era.
There is vast difference between the students of earlier era and present era. One of the main differences I see is, there are plenty of opportunities and options for the students of present era. The question is do they make use of them.

What kind of a student were you when you were young? 
Like any other students; I wasn’t an exception.
How were you as a teenager? What were you interested in? What
your hobbies like?
As a teenager I was a voracious reader. I was interested in sports. My hobbies were and are reading, stamp collection, sports, trekking, cycling and so on.

Any fond memories of school that you would want to share?
On April 1st I fooled one of my class mates saying our Principal got sick and was hospitalized so the school is off. He was absent. However, I went to school. The next day I was punished for it.

With modern technology at its best and expectations getting higher by the day, do you think it is more difficult or easier to lead a life of a student today?
Technology has invaded our life and the students are not spared by it. It is a boon as well as a bane. There is no doubt that the technology has made our life easy. However, the students should be taught to use the technology wisely, so that they do not misuse and abuse the technology
How do you think you’d have fared if you were a student in this new, modern era?
I would have fared very well.

Which school did you attend? Have you incorporated some
of the school you studied in the school of your own?

I attended a government school. I have imbibed the values like, ‘hard work is always rewarded’, honesty, sincerity taught and lived by the teachers.

Since you are the ‘head of school’, a leader, what qualities you suppose should a leader possess?

There are many qualities a leader should possess. To me the most important quality is humility. If the leader is humble s/he will see the potentials and talents of others and s/he can synergize these potentials and talents. When the potentials and talents are synergized the output will be exceedingly great.