The second installment to the on-going series brings you face to face to your daily inspirations that have gone un-noticed.
Life passes you by so fast that you don’t even know when the bed you’d been sleeping in for the past eighteen years, fails to support your height anymore. You struggle to find your feet some space but end up sleeping diagonally, waking up the next morning with a sore neck and just like your sore neck, your mornings are sore when you wake up in the stillness of your room. I remember my mother nudging me awake every morning, reminding me of the time. She would have my school uniform ironed and ready; my breakfast would be on the table and she would hurry me out of the door before I missed my bus, always making sure I did everything right. I wake up by myself now, sometimes a little too late and sometimes a little too early, always watching the sunlight dance across my ceiling. I ask my mother to help me wake up, but she refuses every time, “You’re a big boy now” she says, “You need to learn to be responsible.” She’s right, I’m older now, I should learn to wake up on my own.

Life gets a lot harder when you don’t have anyone looking out for you. I get into trouble every time I reach work late; an entire day’s work gets halted and I’m responsible. People rely on me now, things need to be completed, work done and magazines taken out and if I fail, I have to be there to face the consequences. A few days earlier, my boss took a day off, leaving me to handle the work laid out for the day. By the end of the day, so many things went wrong, from people shouting at me for my poor managing skills to people canceling out deals at the last minute, that I realized I always need someone looking out for me. I feel like a child even though I try to act like an adult, even though I try to act strong, act reliable and professional, I’m not and I need someone to guide me through. The day off that my boss took made me realize a lot of things, I realized how strong she was for going through each gruesome work day, I realized how my mother was right about being responsible, I realized how I was still a child no matter how adult I wanted to be and I realized how we take those little heroes of our lives for granted.

I always wanted to be older when I was young, I always wanted to be one of the bigger students at school, but what I failed to realize is that the older I wanted to be, the shorter I wanted my childhood to get. Being older meant not being able to rush to my mother, teary eyed, every time I did something wrong, it meant not being able to talk to girls without any sexual tension, it meant being responsible and facing the consequences. But most of all, what being older meant, was losing those little threads of string holding you together and when your final hero leaves, you realize how alone you really are.