Going back to exactly a year back, I was probably running around the streets of Kathmandu fooling around living young; wild and free! I was leaving for India in a few months’ time for my UnderGraduate program and back then, I had zero clue that I would turn into a patriotic person in a short period of time.


I headed out of Nepal for the first time on July 17th, via Air India that left the Kathmandu runway at 10:30AM. I will probably never forget that day- Filling up 3 years in the blank space that asked Time to be spent abroad in the Departure form. My heart churned, but there was no going back. As soon as I got to India, the Airport taxi driver spanked my ass. There it was, “Welcome abroad”. But amidst all the dangerous stories my mother had filled my ears with while trying to convince me to stay back in Nepal, it was an expected act. And the self-proclaimed “Strong and Mature, Nivida” was feeble and scared thinking of all the things I would have to witness. Later I found out that that crazy prick was one of a kind and someone who harasses you could be put up in jail. The idea sounded like a relief.

However, getting back to the topic. After meeting a few people and telling them I am from Nepal in the hopeless Hindi I spoke back then, “Nepal is a part of India” crossed my way many times. I tried to stay calm and tell them that they were wrong. And actually during the start, I was so and there was no need for me to act to be so. But with each passing day, when people went on calling Nepalese “Chinki”, addressed them as “Sallam Sabji” claimed it to be a part of India, said Gautam Buddha was born in India, unaware of the fact that 8 of the world’s top mountains are in Nepal including the highest, Mount Everest AKA Sagarmatha.
Some of them thought I overacted when I was pissed at them for saying so. Well, the truth was, I did over act. Because I was not used to being bullied about where I came from. My identity. Not everyone went around pulling my leg but a handful of hooligans did. I love my country. And yes, I have zero shame in stating that Nepal is a third world country. It is a Developing country. It has a filthy scene in Politics. Also that Nepal has not done anything more than the already placed Mount Everest and Gautam Buddha’s birthplace but it will, in some time. And India is developed, very much and seeing it developed makes my heart want more for where I come from. But all the nations did not develop overnight. It is a slow process. Like we learn something new every day, the country grows in the same manner.

Well, as time passed, the number of people who went around teasing me about being a Nepali didn’t decrease but now, I don’t freak out like I did before. I pity them for their lack of General Knowledge and stay shut and smile at whatever they have to say. My Indian friends have shown interest in Nepal and they pop up questions which I answer delihtfully. It makes me happy knowing that they are interested in Nepal and the history. Not to forget their efforts to learn Nepali.

I would like to thank them here. Thankyou for making me feel home!:)
The Nepali friends society here is just amazing. Knowing that there are friends dying to eat Sukuti and AluTama just like me and someone to turn to when you miss home is amazing!