London, a metropolitan city, where the city never sleeps, and people are always on the run can be quite an intimidating place to go to study. Even though you may get lost in the tube stations about half a dozen times and may find your pockets running out of money more often than not, it’s still a great place to study. I am currently a freshman at Richmond, The American International University in London, pursuing a degree of Art, Design and Media with a minor in Film Studies. My course is quite demanding as it requires several art projects which take a lot of patience to complete, but along with hard work, it proves to be quite fun and interesting. My university is located in Richmond, a small area in the south west part of London. Going to college in London was definitely different than I expected, not only did I learn how to be responsible and independent, I often found myself shocked by this new culture. People in London dress differently, have a wide variety of accents and are always in a hurry. I found myself feeling a bit lost at times because everyone around me was moving so fast!

I expected my college to be a little stricter but I was wrong. Here you get treated like an adult and thus it’s up to you to make your own decisions. London, being such an expensive city, forces you to go out and find a job just so you have a little pocket money to spend during the week. This helps you become independent and makes you confident in what you do. You will find a lot of student employees all around London. My campus is small but it seems to have all the essential items that every college should have, such as a small garden, a basketball/football court, a resourceful library, facilitated classrooms, computer labs, starbucks café and a dining room. Richmond has a variety of interesting clubs that will catch your attention. Few of these clubs include the Richmond Boxing club, Green Project Club, Dance Club, Model United Nations, Running Club, Drama Society and lots more. Everyone is bound to find a club they would like to take part in. If you don’t find what you like on campus, you can always find entertainment off campus as well. For example, you could become a member of a gym, join a dance class, a sport team or even just go ice skating. There’s so much to do that you find it challenging to keep up sometimes. My university has a variety of people from all around the world, thus I’ve managed to get to know people from different parts of the world. My roommate is Mexican and some of my close friends come from places like Nigeria, Philippines, Chicago, Canada and Greece. Another good thing about studying in London is that you never get bored. London is home to a variety of sources of entertainment. If you feel like, you could go visit the Chelsea Football stadium or go watch a concert in the famous 02 stadium, watch a musical or even just walk around Hyde Park. London has a very exciting night life as they have a variety of clubs ranging from salsa clubs to trance clubs, thus you are sure to find a place that plays your choice of music.

If you’re the type of person who loves the rain and wearing layers and layers of clothing everyday then London is the place for you! The sun refuses to come out some days thus the weather is usually cold and a bit rainy. Overall, if you want an overall college experience, then Richmond is the place to get it as it is not only has excellent facilities and a highly qualified staff group but it is also located in one of the most happening cities in the world.