Q.1 The future of Nepal literally rests on your shoulders, what does that mean to you? How big of a responsibility is it?

As you take on the mega task of nurturing children ages 2 yrs. to 18yrs. that itself calls for taking on Big responsibility. They are the future of Nepal, actually the responsibility of Nepal rests on their shoulders and to produce such futuristic generation who cares, respects, loves their own country and want to bring changes by building step by step with their contribution to the fields they belong to! Or are interested in. To become a responsible citizen of their country Nepal, as well of the world depends upon the foundation of each child. Thus that makes the school the most important part of each child in moulding them. Children are like clay that can be moulded the way we would like them to be. That brings strict discipline, respect for elders/ people, environment, materials, property and animals. This goal can be achieved by supportive system of home & school. Without family support it would be impossible to maintain the common goal of producing productive and successful future of Nepal.


Q.2 How hectic is your job? What is your daily routine?
It is a full day job including the weekends and holidays as there is always something that needs your personal attention. Daily routine is of 8 am to 5pm.


Q.3 Where do you think Nepali schools stand compared to the international ones?
Nepali schools are coming up and providing standard education to the children. I was the first one to open a school of International Standard and set it up as a model and I think it still is.


Q.4 Which school did you attend? Have you incorporated some things/themes of the school you studied to the school you own?
Young age was at a Montessori school then a convent school. We were taught full discipline with responsibility and were given much love and care. Of course that has been incorporated, I have created my own themes in my own school, which I must have picked up for I travelled a lot abroad.


Q.5 What kind of a student were you when you were young?
I was an average student altogether but excelled in certain subjects such as sports, journal writing, poetry, elocution, singing, dancing, acting etc. Numbers always scared me!


Q.6 How were you as a teenager?
I was a shy person but once I would open up, was friendly & trusting friend rather a very good company everyone looked forward to! I was interested in dance, music, acting. Altogether I was known as a person with “head on her shoulders.”


Q.7 Any fond memories of your school days that you want to share?
Assemblies, drills, lunch breaks (my parents cook used to bring hot lunch for us from home which was generously shared with friends), school holidays that our family spent with 8 uncles and their children, it was great fun!


Q.8 With modern technology at its best and expectations of high results at its peak, has it become more difficult/easier to be a student today than it was before? Also is it more difficult now, to meet the expectation of the students and the parents now that every kind of information is at their (students’) disposal?
Definitely technology has brought world so close to us everything is at our tips. This present generation is very lucky but on the other hand if misused children can loose onto the real experiences. Expectation of parents and schools teachers is ever increasing from the children but they must not forget the expectations from the children’s side is also ever increasing, for you have to answer them correctly or matter of factly.

Though it is not difficult to study now, for there is a beneficial environment and there are many many more scopes open for them to choose from. Examinations are becoming quite compatible to their intelligence.


Q.9 How do you think you’d have fared if you were a student in this modern era?
First of all I would not be scared of academics and I shall have more choices of subjects than before.


Q.10 Any fond memory of running the present school that you want to share?
Every moment that I have spent running the school I have enjoyed, otherwise I would not be there. I simply love kids, I was born for that!