Chaya Gupta can quote whoever she wants but people with siblings know better. Soul sister, my foot!

Sibling rivalry exists in every family and threatens to disrupt domestic bliss. A sister, who secretly hates her brother for never letting her borrow his guitar, is equally despised by the brother for sneaking into his hard drive and threatening his privacy.

It has been observed that children as young as 3 year-olds begin to evaluate themselves in terms of their siblings. Born sensitive, eh? Siblings of age group 10-15 are more prone to rivalrous relationship with their siblings than any other age-group. Competitive feelings among siblings are very natural; they fight about anything and everything at home, from having to share space to amount of pocket money and remote-‘control’. Small argument turns into physical or verbal assault and thus begins a lifetime of sibling rivalry.


Samantha, the teen-heroine of Meg Cabot’s All American Girl despises her elder sister because of all the hand-me-downs she has to wear, her popularity in school and also because she is in love with her sister’s boyfriend. In real life, the story isn’t any different. I wonder how twins, triplets and quadruplets put up with everything.
My younger sister fires back “tero tauko!” the second I tell her to keep her voice low; during normal conversations, she gets carried away and starts blabbering about her class-mates. I shout “I wish I had an elder brother instead of a monster for a sister” and spontaneous as ever, she crawls up behind me and whispers “If you have ever seen yourself in the mirror, you would not call me a monster”. Not that soul-sisterly, is it? It gives me immense pleasure to know that all the sisters and brothers suffer the way I do. I am not a victim, I am a survivor!
Home is a happier place when your siblings are not there. Some of my friends would even miss hang-outs only because they wanted to get the “only child-lonely child” experience, which by the way is very sweet!

The worst of all the issues concerning sibling rivalry is the fight for favorite channels and T.V. programs. One just can’t miss the “classic” (pun, get it?) Twilight-cum-Vampire Diaries based serial with unwanted slangs and tragic abuse of English language because it is all her friends at school talk about. Her brother is dying to watch live EPL. When their choices clash and refuse to blend, the brother goes on to apply another adversity, sibling abuse. Poor sister might not say anything and just go back to her abode of school-work, but inside, she is furious and will do anything to make her brother pay, even if it means letting the parents see all the cigarette-butts in flower-pots.


Renasha Ghimire, 19 has a brother who is currently studying in the U.S. She recalls how they used to fight for computer and confesses to things turning ugly after few arguments. “He would scold me if I talked rudely with my mother”, says she with a genuine pout.
Sibling rivalry and domestic conflicts bring out the best in people (in terms of sarcasm and spontaneity). Rubina Chitrakar, who is usually soft-spoken transforms (figuratively, wokay?) into somebody wicked the minute I ask of her sister. “She is a young lady with no lady-like features”, she said and I had only begun to dislike her for being so rude when she added “and she thinks I don’t understand her sentiments, weird girl!” Told ya.

Siblings are always fighting for attention. When they mature, they find important reasons to compete for, like success and good family life. Sibling rivalry that started off as a quarrel for the same toy might even end up as a fight for inheritance. But this is as lethal as it can get.
For all the times siblings have quarreled, scratched each other’s faces, pulled each other’s hair; they’ll have something to look back at and laugh their heads off.