So, what is slam poetry, really? We slammed an undercover with some slam poetry queries. Here is what that person had to say.

Who is a slam poet?
Slam is actually the competition aspect of poetry which is meant to be performed for an audience. However, they are used to refer to all poems that are aimed at being performed in front of an audience. A slam poet is a spoken word poet.

Is it any different from rapping? Or is it just a fancier name for rappers?
Rapping is only one form of spoken word poetry. Any poem written for the page is fit for the stage – be it a haiku or a poem written in iambic pentameter. One maybe called a slam poet if one is a rapper, but it doesn’t really have to be the same the other way around.

How many slam poet events have taken place in Kathmandu so far?
From the Word Warriors group, more than 10. If there were other such events, we are not aware of them yet.

How many slam poets are there in ktm? (The ones who have performed)
This is like asking how many poets are there in KTM. The Word Warriors are a thriving group on Facebook but there are religiously nine slam poets who have been performing in spoken word events, regularly. There may be many who are still in the closet.

What are the qualities needed to become a slam poet? Can any random
person try to become a slam poet?

Yes, anyone can be a slam poet, if they really want to. The spoken word is a form of expression, a movement that any one can join. Of course, one has to have a good command of the spoken word. The writing of the poem is also important but performing it is the main part. Each slam poet has a different way of slamming and performing.

Do slam poets in Kathmandu have a group or an organization?
Yes, there is an organization called the Word Warriors – perhaps the first of its kind.

Where and how can we find future slam poet events?
We do slam poetry everywhere and anywhere – from popular bars to coffee shops to book launch events. From the group, the Word Warriors, we try to organize at least one spoken word event every month. To stay up to date with the events, find the Word Warriors on Facebook or send us a message and we shall keep you on our emailing list. And of course, keep your eyes and ears open!

Slam Poet is so far off and almost alien to our culture and yet it’s getting popular by the day . why do you think that’s happening?
The term Slam Poetry may seem alien but what slam poetry actually is, is not alien. It’s always been there in one form or the other. Slam has now officially been recognized all over the world and the rise of slam is the sign of the rising desire of people, especially the youth, to speak out and voice their feelings. The spoken word has always been a powerful medium.