Being a spectator is easy, but when it comes to voicing our opinion we choose to remain mute. The courage to stand up for something wrong remains highlighted only in novels and movies. The presence of lingering fear and lack of confidence convolutes the young minds. But for how long are we going to be the diffident individual, unlikely of progress and change? For how long?

We are afraid to take the first step; we are shy to showcase our talents, we are afraid to raise a hand in class, we get bullied but we remain silent. Stage fright and public speaking for some is a nightmare. We fret over our romances turning sour, we give importance to our external look; we spend time cursing our self-thought body anomalies and stick to our status quo. We are the majesties of procrastination and we disrespect time. A famous quote by George Bernard Shaw which reads “The youth is wasted on the young,” seems somewhat true.

Yes, all of us may not be prodigies or have scholarly talents; we might not excel in sports or music. But excellence can come through practice, focus and determination and there are examples which the search engines would gladly list out. Asking questions is another quick way of learning, you need to voice your concern and speak up. Without it, your opportunity to understand will be limited. Never be afraid of criticisms or failures because these two forces are a way to make you a more capable person.

If you want to be a rebel, be one; provided your attitude is correct and the cause that you are standing for is just. Some of us may be an introvert, shy and reserved, that is not a bad thing but you should not let this overshadow the person that you are. When the time comes shed your inhibitions and let your guard down for you are the only person capable of changing yourself.

It is never too late for anything as long as you start something; more appropriate is the phrase ‘better late than never’. Build your confidence, start fresh and start asking questions. Raise your hand and meet your teacher’s eye the next time she/he asks a question. Pursue your dreams and let nobody stop you. Respect your elders for they are wise, respect time and realize that money is valuable. Never lose your ability to love and be compassionate for these matter in life. Help your needy friend; lend a shoulder for them to cry on. Scold people who think it’s funny to abuse animals, make them understand that animals feel pain too. If you do not want to be inferior to someone, you stop regarding others as your inferior. Speak up for what you believe in because your time is now.