Corrigendum: The team Teenz would like to apologize for  referring to Softwarica College as Softwarica Institute and for writing the wrong surnames for Amrita Nepal, Anish Tamrakar and Sushant Maharjan in the article 'Strength of togetherness' in the 40th print issue of Teenz. 


Sometimes time spent with friends can connect you to ideas and to your dreams.


It’s during the college days that we start thinking about our future. The future is so much near from there: it’s difficult to keep away from thinking about the possibilities it holds. And with friends, discussions about future plans become even more heated. Also, sometimes, you may just turn out to be lucky enough and end up working with the same college friends you had discussed your future plans with. The team Augusta Solutions falls under this bunch. Seven friends from Softwarica College – Bishek Manandhar, Anish Ratna Tamrakar, Sushant Maharjan, Pravin Pokhrel, Sabin Maharjan, Amrita Nepal and Sabina Hona soon turned into business partners after a few years in college.


How could work seem like labor when you are surrounded by your college pals the whole day?AnishTamrakar says, “We were just lucky you know, we got along so well with each other it was hard for us not to discuss about our ambition. Sipping cups of tea during breaks and chit chatting we started discussing about what we wanted to do”. College friends together help each other realize their dreams. These friends from Softwarica seem to have made each other realize the importance of doing something in life through the subject they were studying. Bishek Manandhar says, “We just clicked right then, we were always clear about what we wanted to establish”.


These undergraduates are also the first batch of Softwarica who have already started to pave a way for themselves in the IT field. Their venture Augusta Information Solutions began two years ago. The team since then has worked hard to make a name in the market. The team previously rented two rooms near KEC College where they had a round table with seven chairs to call it an office. Today, their company Augusta Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (AIS) provides the best web and marketing solutions with its outstanding designs.  The company makes web development programs and also designs apps and softwares.


Their journey has been a wonderful learning experience. But credit for their growth into mature individuals goes not only to their zeal but to Softwarica College for providing them a platform to learn and to reach out to each other. When asked what role Softwarica played in modeling their lives, Sushant Maharjan answers “Softwarica gave us an opportunity to meet each other. The institution’s support has been really helpful in making us what we are today. It has made us capable of competing and creating a stance for ourselves in the IT sector”.


IT has been becoming a subject of interest for many students. The Augusta team believes, in the years to come the IT sector will be playing a major role in developing a country like ours. “After India, I think Nepal has a lot of scope in IT. Perhaps, because other countries have already worked on so many projects and Nepal is still new to the idea of IT. It’s only today that e-commerce is finding Nepali customers. Things have changed, so any students who are interested in IT career are most welcome”, says Anish Tamrakar . The seven friends enjoy working together and have a very deep understanding. They together wish to do great things for the country through their venture.


When asked about the transition from a student to a business man the team answers that the most difficult part is being responsible for everything and having to think of every step for the growth of the venture. “ There was a time when we worked and went home without any baggage but today we are always figuring out a way to make better strategies, we are always planning the next step”, says Bishek Manandhar. He further adds, “We are always worried of the steps taken. We have to act responsibly as we are the caretakers of our business. Yes, doing business is adventurous but then, it’s difficult when we are the ones shaping others’ lives along with ours”.


 College friends going on to be business partners could be one of the reasons their journey has been so fruitful. The joy of working together gleam in their eyes: passionate and full of spirit Augusta Solutions is very sure their company will do wonders in the years to come. Although still students, they are a motivation to other students who are looking for opportunities to start their own ventures. Who knew cups of tea would bring them together to do a business that would provide facilities to so many; who knew friends who were just chit chatting about their future would together be connecting dots of the more futures to come! The team is surely a true exemplar of "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”